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"Fancy thinking the Beast…"

Back in the present, Sawyer wanders through the jungle, wondering why every single plotline depends on someone embracing or rejecting a deception that will affect others. After a few minutes he runs into the boar. It just stands and looks at him. Sawyer, who has his gun out, looks at it. For some asinine reason, Kate's popped up out of nowhere and is watching The Sawyer Show. Sawyer and the boar continue to stare at each other, and then Sawyer puts the gun back. He looks over -- sure enough, Kate's gazing at him approvingly. "It's just a boar," he lies, unwilling to admit why he needs to have an animal soothe his conscience.

Commercials. I suppose it's too much to expect ABC to air an episode of Wife Swap where the wives stay swapped.

And now we have the ending montage of temporary resolution. Blink and you'll miss Sun and Jin tending to their net. Blink and you'll miss Walt playing fetch with Vincent. Blink and you'll miss Michael working on that raft with someone who may or may not be Boone, God's Frigging Gift to Humanity. Because what this is really all about is Charlie getting over his PTSD after Sayid's pep talk and asking the eternally pregnant Claire if she'd like to take an evening waddle around the island. Awww.

Jack has no time for such shenanigans, because he's splitting wood. Sawyer walks over, points his gun, and says, "Stick 'em up." Jack stares for a long minute before asking, "Trying to be funny?" Sawyer replies, "Yeah." Jack's all, "I wasn't worried anyway. We all know you can't hit the broad side of a barn in clear daylight." Or maybe that's his body language talking. Sawyer tries to save face with, "I was fresh out of pies to throw at you. Here you go, sheriff." Jack takes the gun and not-so-casually inquires as to how Kate wrangled the gun surrender; Sawyer plays him like a piano by smirking that Kate gave him "Nothing she wasn't willing to part with." Jack's over it. He turns back to his work with, "That's why the Sox will never win the Series." Sawyer has a big "Huh?" moment, and Jack says, "I said, that's why the Red Sox will never win the World Series."

Somewhere in Sawyer's brain, a neuron struggles valiantly to fire. "Statement...familiar! Might...be...coincidence!" He asks, "What the hell's that supposed to mean?" and Jack explains, "It's just something my father used to say, so he could go through life knowing that people hated him instead of taking responsibility for it. He just put it on fate." Sawyer's face is a marvelous study of The A-ha! Moment. Sawyer asks cautiously, "Your daddy...he a doctor too?" Jack turns around and says shortly, "Was." He turns back to the wood and adds, "He's dead." Sawyer flinches, and looks stricken. Jack turns around and asks, "Why do you want to know about my father?" Sawyer looks like he's on the verge of saying something, but eventually slips into his normal expression and shrugs, "No reason." He walks off, leaving Jack alone with his thoughts.

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