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Upstairs, McManus delivers a pale imitation (get it?) of Said's glare when Leo informs him that Omar will be getting out of solitary. Leo doesn't care. And neither does Omar, for that matter, who's too busy trying to wrap his three remaining brain cells around the idea that Said is dead to notice McManus pretty much blowing him off when he gets back to Em City.

And now to the hospital, where Gloria hands over Carlos Martinez's autopsy report. It turns out that the toxic fumes didn't kill him, because he was suffocated in his sleep before they got the chance. The envelope containing the results has a giant red "Confidential" stamp on it, by the way. So much for "full fucking disclosure," I guess. Leo isn't sure whether he should be relieved that the chemicals weren't as deadly as they thought, or worried that he has yet another murder investigation on his hands.

It's probably the latter, because he next invites Dave Brass up to his office for a quick interrogation. They rehash the events of the previous episode (Brass claimed Martinez made a deathbed confession implicating Morales), and Dave vehemently asserts his innocence. Leo doesn't believe a word of it, however, and almost gleefully announces that Brass is the prime suspect. This prompts Dave to go complain to Murphy about how innocent he is, and further gripe that he can't take a lie detector test to prove that he's not a murderer because he actually did lie about Martinez confessing. Whoops. Murphy is furious when he finds out that he participated in the torture of a prisoner without any actual proof to justify it, which strikes me as hypocritical at best, and utterly out-of-character in the first place at worst. For those of you who were wondering why Murphy helped Brass last week, it's apparently solely because the writers needed someone for Brass to be able have this conversation with in the next episode. Sigh. Anyway, they fight, and Morales ends up getting released from solitary. Somebody wake me up when Edie Falco comes back.

Hospital ward. Nurse Botch-It is back, and she warily steps over to talk with Dr. Nathan. She's relieved, however, when Gloria actually apologizes and offers to let her come back to work instead of yelling at her some more. "I know what it's like to get blamed for things that really aren't under your control," says Gloria. Um, hang on a second. You were pissed last week because she missed an alarm, and now this week you're apologizing and rehiring her because she missed an alarm AND a guy strangling one of her patients? No wonder the death rate in Oz is so high. And yeah, this whole little "nasty man" nurse subplot was clever, and I'll admit that you got me with it, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that it's completely nonsensical if you think about it for more than ten seconds. Then again, what on this show isn't?

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