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Ryan can't be too broken up, however, because the very next scene has him visiting Jahfree in his new Em City digs. Showing the warmth and hospitality that the Black Panthers are so rightly famous for, Jahfree immediately demands that the "white boy" get out of his cell, and Ryan is only too happy to oblige.

Jahfree can't be too much of a racist, however, because the very next scene has him sharing a tender moment with Betty Buckley in the weight room. I'm not sure whether to mock Betty here for wandering unescorted through the prison (people die here every ten minutes, for God's sake!), or for flirting with the Jahfree right in front of Ryan and half the inmate population (even Ruth Fisher handled this situation better, for God's sake! And she was dating Ed Begley Jr.!).

Nappa. The internet is great (boy, ain't it!), "but if it's such a revolution in communications, why do studies show that the more time one spends online, the more isolation one suffers?" Hey! Who you calling isolated, buddy? If we're so damn isolated, what do we need the TWoP personals for, huh? Huh?!? Oh. Right. Good point. Incidentally, if I were to take out an ad, would someone out there be willing to date me? I clean up nicely, and I promise I'll never publish a snarky recap of our date on the internet.

And speaking of dating, here's Leo and Ellie. Except instead of making a love connection, she's actually just chewing him out for going public with the toxic solitary news, because now Penders is suing them for endangering his life. Ahh, the perils of the office romance. One day you're making mad, passionate, tie-stroking love, and the next you're getting yelled at for poisoning prisoners and leaving the cap off the toothpaste. Run away, Leo! Run as fast as you can!

Penders, meanwhile, is busy trying to convince Omar to join his lawsuit. I thought the whole point of solitary is that it's supposed to be, well, solitary. These guys are chatting through the walls like they're at a coffee klatch or something. Anyway, Leo comes down to visit Omar, who promptly offers not to join the lawsuit if Warden Leo lets him out of solitary. Leo agrees, on the condition that Omar agree to never mention this conversation again. Oy. I don't know who's being dumber here, Leo for thinking that Omar can keep his mouth shut, or Omar for thinking that he'll be any safer in Em City. I give the guy two weeks max before someone shivs his ass.

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