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This development has some striking similarities to Buffy's showdown with the Mayor in "Graduation Day, Part Two." I said in that recap that I was torn between the implausibility of the development and the coolness of the idea, and I feel similarly here. On the one hand, surreptitiously organizing all the factions to riot is an awesome idea, and there were several hints over the last two episodes that things might move in that direction. Is it likely that all the groups would agree? Not clearly, but it's not clear that they wouldn't, either. But the misdirection was too heavy-handed for my taste -- why would Ross and Ryan have been in the dark for so long? And what was that crap about Arif starting the riot? Was the checkers incident just a lucky coincidence? In the end, I like this episode too much to really care, but, you know, blah blah blah recapper-cakes.

Outside the bars of Em City, Glynn, McManus, and a SORT team converge. Glynn bullhorns that if the prisoners surrender, there will be no repercussions. My reaction is "Yeah, right," and the prisoners seem to agree. Glynn asks if there's anyone in charge, and the Muslims start a chant of "Said!" The man of the hour climbs up on some furniture so Glynn can see him, and triumphantly puts his Muslim cap back on. Oh, snap. He raises his arm for quiet. Glynn asks what this is all about. Said: "If you have to ask, Glynn, we got a long day ahead of us." Seriously. Glynn looks like he smells something awful. Maybe someone else pissed Beecher off. Inside, the prisoners haul the hack hostages and Mukada into a large room. Vahue looks sketched out, although, given Rick Fox's acting ability, that's sort of a wild guess. In another room, Said announces that Glynn has granted them time to come up with a list of demands, and in the meantime, they should stay united. We see that he's speaking to a high council, the other members of which are Adebisi, Ross, Ryan, and Alvarez. The others are concerned about Said's advantage in having the gun. Adebisi suggests they give it to him. Everyone scoffs, and he's all, "What?" Hee. What a genius character. After some more posturing and swaggering, Said proposes that they divide up the responsibilities. See, I'm starting to think the riot was a coincidence the way it went down, as it seems like all this would have been talked about earlier. Anyway, the council settles its immediate differences, and moves on to the list of demands. Later, Said tells Arif they need to put the wounded in a separate area. Arif asks, "The shower room?" which is a contender for the worst line reading in history. Downstairs, Hill finds Dobbins, and calls for help. Vahue is Dobbins's unlikely savior, and he and Arif carry him to the shower room. Man, that's a lot of blood. Flashback of scenes involving Dobbins and Vahue. In the shower room, Vahue returns with some towels, and upon seeing Dobbins's gaping wound, he exclaims, "That don't look good!" Jackson Vahue, now out on parole, teaching rocket science at UCLA. Hill and Vahue have a rather silly argument, given the circumstances, about Dobbins's cello being his identity. The upshot, however, is that Vahue agrees to carry Dobbins to the hospital...

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