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Glynn read the demands, among which are the demand to speak directly to the media, one that there be no repercussions for the riot, and one reinstating conjugal visits and smoking. Glynn thinks most of them are harmless, but the Pernicious Peewee isn't having it. Glynn asks how he can end the situation in that case. PP: "The old-fashioned way. By force." Here's an idea: Ross and the Pernicious Peewee, steel-cage match. Tell me that wouldn't be a sellout.

Hostage House Of Horrors. Hunt tells McManus that the riot is his fault. Diane tells him to shut up, and when I'm agreeing with her, you know that McManus hasn't been his usual self this episode. Beecher stares in at him while holding a stick and his dick. Slick, Beecher. McManus stares sadly at Beecher, and sees the ghosts of Sanchez, Ortolani, Post, Keane, Markstram, and Groves materialize around him. Aw, it's no fun when I feel sorry for him. McManus freaks, gets up, and kicks the door. Alvarez opens it, and McManus begs to see Said. In another room, McManus exposits to Said that he grew up in a prison town in upstate New York, and that the whole town's industry depended on the prison. He says that when he was ten, there was a riot at the prison that lasted four days, and was resolved by force, with thirty-one inmates and nine hostages dying in the process. Said breathes, "Attica." McManus says that he wanted to build a better prison, but Said counters that the best prison wouldn't be good enough. "I'm gonna try one more time with you, McManus. Now I am not saying that the men in Oz are innocent. I am saying that they are not here because of the crimes they have committed, but because of the color of their skin! Their lack of education! The fact that they are poor!" He goes on that the riot isn't about the demands, but about the failure of society and the judicial system. This argument isn't getting resolved in my lifetime, much less in the eight minutes left in this episode, so it's a relief when Ryan interrupts and tells Said they have to talk. Said endeth the lesson: "You want to save this place, right? And I want to destroy it. Brick by hypocritical brick." He leaves.

Outside, Ryan tells him that they're out of heroin, and that Adebisi and his gang are starting to "fiend." Said says that if it gets ugly, he'll be ready, and dismissively walks away. Ryan grabs him. Arif tosses him away, but Beecher's got Ryan's back. Lucky bastard. Adebisi initiates a shakedown of sorts, having his gang search every pod for drugs. Soon, a mini-riot breaks out, and Said deploys his troops to restore order. Adebisi eventually starts choking Wangler. Faster, Simoncat, kill, kill! Said points the gun at Adebisi and breaks up the fun. Damn. And now, we get our final prisoner flashback of the season. Adebisi whoops and chases some guy wearing a tracksuit that I think I last saw on D'Angelo. The guy falls, but draws his badge and says he's a police officer. Adebisi brandishes a machete big enough, if phallic symbols are to be believed, to make me wince in sympathetic pain for Peter Schibetta, and smiles, "Execution day, baby." He swings, decapitation-style. "Prisoner Number 93A234. Simon Adebisi." Murder one, life without parole.

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