A Word To The Wise

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Yawn. Look, Another Penis.

Except he's a smooth-talking, two-timin' ruse-maker, as we cut to the cafeteria to find Mobay using his cash-on-hand and keeping the drugs for himself. After lights out in their pod, Hill begs for Mobay to shut up (Hill, in his narration-oriented role, should find that appeal a familiar refrain) while Mobay snorts a-plenty. Hill needs to get some sleep! Mobay yells, "So sleep." Only he doesn't do it in his accent. Hill notices. Cue montage of Mobay using. Back in the pod, Mobay throws the remaining stash of cocaine into the toilet and stares worriedly at the ceiling while Hill stares suspiciously up at Mobay. Uh-oh. They'll find him out for sure now. And they'll kill him. And his wife. And his bee-bees.

Cut to a scene with more camera angles than a Spike Jonze-directed Skechers commercial, in which Mobay drops in on Sister Pete and tells her he's happy Glynn has shared his undercover secret with her, for the obvious purposes of hasty character development. He needs to talk. Let the critical Mobay back story commence: "Oz is my first big undercover assignment. A lot of the guys I worked with in narcotics didn't think I could handle the job, but I knew I could. I thought I could." He left his wife and his son and it's his son's birthday and if he blows this case his career is over and on and on the pathos goes. The point: "Sister, I'm an addict." He looks at her miserably, lost and in need of help. Like a beeb in the woods. Shut up, Mobay.

Hill: Life in the pokey. Hard. Not easy.

In the first of so many full-frontal shots over the course of so short a time that I'm convinced its a record even for this show (Claire's merciful waist-up-only near disaster notwithstanding), we join Keller in the hole, one arm against the cement wall, urinating aggressively into a bucket. I spend remarkably little time recapping the scene that follows, lest my self-evident reliance on the rewind and pause buttons cause me to rest on a still frame of the last shot when a roommate should happen through the room and incredulously observe, "What in the name of holy hell is going on down at that web site?" The scene I'm missing much of is in some way concerned with Beecher telling Said that his son is dead and there is nothing he can do to change that. Well, that's news. Said tells Beecher that "killing Keller is no way to mourn [his] child." Ray enters the pod and tells Beecher that Holly, his daughter, was delivered alive. Beecher and Said hug while Ray stands aside, unhugged. There. Point A to Point B. Folks, consider it recapped.

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