Ancient Tribes

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Nice plan, brain trust.

Hill appears to us wearing what looks like a combination of a space suit and an aviator outfit. Well, if this is emblematic of how wacky his monologue is going to be, we're off to a rollicking start already, no? Hill tells us that the Aztecs believed that the universe was created by violence, and that every year they would cut out someone's heart and offer it up to the gods as a way of protecting them from the end of the world. However, when the Spaniards invaded, the world did come to an end -- for them. Unless the Aztecs forgot to make their sacrifice that year, he has absolutely no point with this monologue. And here I thought it was going to be unusual. We see McManus in a darkened Em City as Hill VOs that it's ten months after the riot. Ah, so I was right -- Ryan only wore that silly cap in "The Tip" because he'd already grown his hair out, but they couldn't show it because that episode was supposed to be immediately after the riot. Wow, I'm smart. S-M-R-T.

A bunch of inmates file into Em City for McManus's welcome back speech. He tells them that it's a new deal, a fair deal. Jeez, Timbo, pick a Roosevelt and go with it. McManus says that he's identified ten groups, those being the Muslims, the "gangstas," the Latinos, the Italians, the Irish, the Aryans, the bikers, the Christians, the gays, and one called the "others." Well, good thing there couldn't possibly be any overlap with those categories, then. He goes on that each group will have exactly four prisoners living in Em City, and that they'll each select a representative to serve on the new prisoner's council, which will air grievances. And plan riots. God, this man is an idiot. By the way, there are a bunch of new prisoners in the crowd, the most important that I can see being Peter Schibetta, Timmy Kirk, and Chuckie Pancamo. Said asks why McManus came back, and why he still thinks Em City will work. McManus babbles something about taking responsibility for your life while smugly saying in the same breath that he's not solely responsible for making Em City work. Yeah, I just bet you floored the Pernicious Peewee at the pitch meeting. Ass. Anyway, everyone heads off to the pods.

Arif tells "Kareem" (what happened to "Minister Said"?) that he should be their representative, but Said says it's not a given that they'll participate. "Our absence may speak louder than our presence." Bad news for people's eardrums, then.

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