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Nice plan, brain trust.

Glynn and McManus pedeconference. Glynn says he wants Wangler in the hole, but McManus wants to teach him to read. Glynn says he can't force anyone to learn, but McManus says he can try. You know, I was eating a sandwich in Subway yesterday, and this song was playing, the entire lyrics of which were, "Baby, it's happening." Baby, it's happening. Baby, it's happening. Baby, it's happening. And you know what? Those lyrics were more informative than that scene just was. At night, a hack gets Wangler out of his pod. Hill, still in spacepilot gear, blathers something about Montezuma and a comet. Baby, it's happening. The hack takes Wangler into McManus's office, wherein McManus starts teaching him to read. This is riveting, but only in the sense that I've held a rivet gun up to my temple and pushed the button.

Kitchen. Adebisi examines some droppings, and Ryan tells him that it's definitely rat shit. Adebisi: "One big fucking rat." Irony points at Ryan and cackles in the background. Pancamo comes striding to the counter and asks, "Which one of you moolies is the cook back there?" The one that's going to be jerking off into your next dinner, I'd wager. Ryan asks what his problem is, and Pancamo says the food sucks. Ryan: "Don't eat it." Yeah, note what I said above. Pancamo says that Schibetta wants the kitchen back. Adebisi: "Tell him okay if he sucks my dick." I think he can go you one better, Adebisi. Pancamo goes to sit with Schibetta, and Ryan way-too-loudly asks Adebisi if he thinks the Sicilians know they killed Nino. Adebisi: "I took care of Nino; I'll take care of them." Um, yeah. He makes smacking sounds, trying to lure the rats out. Hee.

Weight room. Ryan goes to talk to Schibetta, and tells him that Adebisi killed his father. Well, theirs was a love that couldn't last, I suppose. Still, Ryan, I'm a little disappointed in you. He tells Schibetta that he saw Adebisi put the glass in his father's food, and that he did the same to Adebisi. This fails to answer the question of why Adebisi is still alive, but it's a minor point. Schibetta, smelling a rat, has Pancamo and another goon throw Ryan down on the bench. He asks if he killed Nino, but Ryan reiterates that Adebisi did it, and adds that he was trying to get rid of Adebisi because he was hoovering all the drugs they got in. He declares that he helped Nino when he was alive, and that he'd like to do the same for Peter. Schibetta has him let go, and says he'll take care of Adebisi. Ryan gives him a positively smoldering look and says he's there for him, and leaves. Pancamo asks Schibetta if he believes Ryan. Schibetta: "All rats know when to desert a sinking ship. He's a smart one but a rat just the same." Is that a "no," then? These people and their cryptic answers. Schibetta tells Pancamo to keep an eye on him, and we motor right into Schibetta's prisoner flashback. "Prisoner Number 98X112. Peter Schibetta." Five counts of extortion and money laundering. Thirty-five years, parole in twenty. We see him meet a couple guys in a parking lot. He opens his trunk and displays a couple briefcases full of money. The two guys then flash badges and arrest him. Nice one, Petey. I like that they're spreading out the prisoner flashbacks over the season again, by the way. I'm sure you're thrilled to hear that.

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