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Nice plan, brain trust.

Beecher finds Schillinger on the balcony. He starts with the taunting, saying he's read Schillinger's psych profile, and according to Pete, he's demonstrated a "genuine personality adjustment." Or "spinectomy." Beecher says he's faking, and that he's going to see to it that Schillinger never leaves Oz. Great plan, Beecher. Maybe you could get a couple lessons from Ryan in thinking more than one step ahead. Schillinger retreats into his pod and looks disturbed.

Cafeteria. Schillinger sits down with his buddies and says he needs an "ask," or a favor. He asks if anyone will kill Beecher for him, but they refuse, even when he offers money, all because Beecher is "crazy." He may be crazy, but after you do the job, he'll still be dead, right? I don't really understand the reluctance here, if murder for pay is their thing. Schillinger next approaches Schibetta, and his refusal puzzles me just as much, since we know for sure that the Italians do murder for hire. Schillinger tries Alvarez now, and says he can get anything for him through the mailroom, even drugs. Alvarez makes like he's considering it, but then playfully turns him down. Alvarez's scar in this scene looks like something out of Frankenstein, by the way. Schillinger storms off, and Alvarez yells in Spanish for him to go do something that I couldn't quite catch, but probably wouldn't be allowed on primetime in San Juan, you know what I mean? Schillinger catches sight of Adebisi, who's watching television, and resignedly makes his way over. He taps Adebisi on the shoulder, who looks up at him with disdain. After a long look, he looks back at the TV. Schillinger looks around, and then wordlessly walks away. HA! Best scene of the episode. Those two have the best comic timing on the show.

Library. Beecher decides to play Tease The Poisonous Snake again. And I thought he had honed his survival instincts during his stay in Oz. Beecher tells Schillinger that he can change his file so he won't get parole. If Schillinger believes this, he's way dumber than I thought. I mean, people are going to be at that hearing who will know the files were altered, right? Schillinger explodes, and Diane tells him to take a walk. Beecher smiles to himself. His femurs, on the other hand, shiver nervously.

Diane and Schillinger pedeconference. He reminds her that he saw her shoot Scott Ross. As I smile contentedly at the memory, he goes on that he knows about her kid and her sick mother, and that he'll pay her two thousand dollars to kill Beecher. If he gets out, he says, he'll never tell anyone about Ross. She tells him she'd need the money up front, and he says he'll have it wired to her account. Even on first viewing, I didn't believe Diane was morally bankrupt enough to do this, but I'd point out that a wire transfer from Schillinger would be a pretty damning piece of evidence. Anyway, she agrees. Schillinger smiles again. Shudder.

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