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Nice plan, brain trust.

McManus finds Diane and tells her he wants her back in Em City. She declines. McManus tells her Schillinger is claiming that she shot Ross. She points out that since she set him up, he's not a credible witness. McManus asks her if he killed Ross. Wasn't he right there? She says no, not particularly convincingly, and leaves.

Staff meeting. Generic Blonde enters and says that Glynn won't be able to make it, and that Pete should run the meeting. Ha ha, McManus! Mukada asks "Sarah" what happened, but she can only tell him that Glynn's daughter is in the hospital. After some concerned glances, Pete starts the meeting.

Glynn sits in his office. Sarah buzzes and says it's time for him to address the prisoners. In the cafeteria, Glynn announces that the librarian will only be available during certain hours. Alvarez pipes up that the rest of the time, she'll be with him. There's no accompanying sound, probably because the Foley guys didn't know how to express "touching a raw nerve." Glynn's face hardens, however, and he has the hacks take Alvarez away. Later, back in Glynn's office, Alvarez is shown in. He stands there, but Glynn ignores him. Yeah, Glynn is definitely straight. After what seems like an eternity, Alvarez manages a "Yo," but Glynn keeps his eyes on his paperwork. When Alvarez tries to sit down, however, Glynn barks at him to get up. Alvarez's scar is about a tenth of the thickness it was in the laundry-room scene with Schillinger, by the way. Glynn tells him that he's been reassigned to work in his office, and to go over to the door. He says to stand there until he needs him to do something. Hee. We see the clock, which reads noon, and Alvarez tells Glynn that his mother and sisters are coming to visit him at four. The clock goes to five to one. Sarah takes notes on what Glynn tells her, and nervously steals glances at Alvarez. Yeah, she's straight, too. He winks at her. Again, hee. She looks like she might get the vapors. 2:05. Glynn talks on the phone with his back to Alvarez. Alvarez stands and smiles mirthlessly to himself. 2:55. Glynn holds a meeting in his office with Alvarez standing right there. I'd find that incredibly distracting if I were a meeting participant. I'd find it even more distracting if I were me. 3:50. Alvarez, now alone, sits in a chair, but when Glynn reenters, he quickly stands. Heh. Alvarez points out the time, and says he hasn't done "dick" all day. Shame. Glynn seizes on that, and tells Alvarez to clean his bathroom. When he's done, he can meet his family. Alvarez seethes, but gets to work. Later, he runs to the glass visiting area, but there's no one there. He curses. How long did his family wait, anyway?

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