Animal Farm

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Is That A Bestiality Reference?

Flash to Poet at his own book-signing. A woman happily takes her book. When she walks off, we see a young punk standing behind her whom Poet clearly recognizes, as his face falls and he gets to his feet. They both go for their guns, but Poet's quicker on the draw. That actually looked like self-defense, open and shut, but for a prior felon, who knows. "Prisoner Number 98J448. Arnold Jackson, a.k.a. Poet." Murder two, twenty-six years, parole in nineteen. Poet's in the holding area with a bunch of new prisoners, who for once are wearing orange jumpsuits. McManus looks in at him and swallows yet another failure. I'd get tired of eating the same thing every day, personally. Poet returns to Em City (and I have no idea why McManus would let him back in there) to sarcastic applause from the Aryans and a disgusted look from Coushaine. Save it, pervie. He goes up the stairs, where Said is standing. Poet hesitates like he wants to apologize, but Said turns away, anguish all over his face, and Poet walks on by. Hill asks what separates us from the animals, and manages to product-place HBO, which on the one hand is impressive, but on the other hand is a dramatic failure by HBO's publicity department, as I'd think they'd want said product placement to occur at a juncture when the audience wasn't, you know, asleep. Hill answers his own question: "Well, maybe it's that humans are the only species to put other animals in cages. Put its own kind in cages." And the door slams shut on another episode. Two to go!

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