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Is That A Bestiality Reference?

Oz TV. A reporter tells us that a new state law requires sex offenders to register with local police. Coushaine is disbelieving, calling the policy "Orwellian," as I mentioned earlier, and says that if a man serves his time, he should be entitled to a shot at a normal life when he gets out. Wangler demurs, saying that "perverts aren't normal," and says that if a sex offender lived next door to him, he'd want to know. Coushaine points out that Wangler is a convicted murderer, and asks how he'd feel if murderers had to register as well. Hill and Wangler then start talking about girls with big boobs. Coushaine snits, "Thanks for the stimulating conversation, guys. You guys are like goats. You know, you got to bring everything down to the level of a goat. Titties! Humping!" He walks off. Hill and Wangler look at each other and simultaneously intone, "Sex offender." HA! Best laugh I have ever gotten from this show.

D'Agnasti collects a prisoner, "Sippel," from his cell. Cut to Pete's office, where Sippel is telling her that he's a pervert. He was a priest, and he knew at a young age that he had a calling from God, but he also knew that he had other feelings, other "tremblings." He did good work, but he never saw God, "until I saw that boy." Sister Pete looks on all, "I think I'll mix things up today and have the steak burrito." Sippel goes on that the boy was fourteen, and his body was so pure that he had to touch it. We cut to Hill, who tells us, "Prisoner Number 88S510. Robert Sippel." Sexual abuse in the second degree, fifteen years, parole in ten. Interesting -- this is the only prisoner flashback I know of where the crime wasn't shown. I guess even HBO has lines it won't cross. Back to Sippel, who says that he only fondled the boy for a moment, and that the boy didn't tell anyone -- he confessed. Pete: "Nah, it's going to be chicken as usual." Sippel says he wants Jesus to forgive him. Pete says he has, but Sippel has to forgive himself, like, wow, Pete, you must have busted your ass in psych class to come up with that analysis. She exposits that Sippel will leave Oz the next day, and that he can start a new life. Sippel: "A new life. What kind of life would that be?" You know, this actor did a very capable job with this scene, but I really hate this new trend of having a new character on screen for all of five minutes before he's gone. I mean, I've known people a lot longer than that who've barely registered on my radar, you know? (Yeah, yeah, I know he's coming back in the next episode. I hate the trend regardless.)

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