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In Glynn's office, Pete is telling Glynn and Mukada that she called a friend at the diocese to see if they had a bed available for Sippel, and he laughed. Glynn points out that the church paid seven figures to the victim's family. Glynn, I see from your stand-in for the Exposition Fairy that you're not busy here. Maybe you could take over the monologues? It's hard to imagine I'd find you more annoying than Hill. Pete asks Mukada to call the Cardinal on Sippel's behalf, but he refuses. She asks why. Geez, Pete, get a clue. Mukada admits that Sippel disgusts him. Pete says Sippel deserves absolution, but Mukada isn't having it, saying that he robbed a boy of his innocence, and that he's a threat. Pete asks to whom. "To you?" Mukada tries for a facial expression that doesn't scream, "I AM GAY." Needless to say, he fails.

Because emotional crises must be resolved immediately in Oz, we find Mukada going to see Sippel, who greets him. Mukada notes that Sippel is reading the Breviary, which, in case you're interested, is a Catholic liturgical text and part of the Book Of Common Prayer. Sippel says he reads it every day, as he was taught in seminary. Mukada rather condescendingly points out that Sippel's not a priest any more, prompting Sippel to go on about how he's a priest and a man forever, but he's not allowed to be either, and if he's going to come this close to Shylock's "If you prick us, do we not bleed?" speech in The Merchant Of Venice, shouldn't he at least be Jewish? Meanwhile (and I've come to hate that word, because I unreasonably associate it with Carrie's voice-overs on Sex And The City, and I hate Carrie) Mukada looks at Sippel like he's a particularly unpleasant fungus. The fungus asks if Mukada will pray with him. Mukada says he can't pray with him, but he will pray for him. Big of you, Father Ray. I mean, I'm not excusing what the guy did, but you trip all over yourself to grant absolution to the most violent of criminals, so I'm not sure this guy deserves to feel your complete disgust.

About face! Mukada's on the phone to the Cardinal, pleading with him to find a place for Sippel. He says he knows he can't work with kids any more, but the church is still a big part of his life. After a bit more of this, he ambiguously thanks the Cardinal.

Oz TV. The reporter tells us of Sippel's imminent release, and everyone's disgusted, but no one more so than Ryan, which is a nice touch, given his revelation to Salty Shitpants later in the series. They show Beecher's reaction shot for absolutely no reason, and then we see Sippel being released. An instrument that sounds like an unholy cross between a flute and a didgeridoo plays. I'd call it a "flidgeridoo," but we don't hear it again. Sometime later, Mukada leads the prisoners in prayer. Crisis of faith over, in only five minutes! Next!

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