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Is That A Bestiality Reference?

A hack brings Shirley her lunch. She takes the top off the tray to discover a cupcake with a lit candle in it. She's touched. Adebisi whistles "Happy Birthday," and Shirley turns around. She looks puzzled. He goes up to the bars and gets it out. Shirley backs away: "But you're a nigger!" I'm sorry to say that, unlike most developments with this character, I saw this one coming from a mile away. Adebisi's face hardens, and he orders her to get with the f-e-l-l-a-t-i-o, but the hacks appear and drag him off. Shirley watches appraisingly, perhaps reconsidering her bigotry in the face of Adebisi's, er, impressiveness. She blows out the candle. I hope she didn't wish for Schillinger.

In his pod, which he's basically turned upside-down, Adebisi gets with the sniffy-sniffy. Wangler appears outside, and the random guy from the cafeteria tells him that Adebisi's "bugging." Get this guy an SAG card, stat! Wangler asks what's up with him. Adebisi tells him to go away, and then vomits into the toilet. We don't see any fluid, though. Fontana must have been in a squeamish mood this episode.

Flashback to Adebisi knocking out Pancamo in the last episode, and then Chuckie comes swaggering back into Em City. Wangler taunts him, and Pancamo's goons start toward him, but Pancamo calls them back. He tells them that he has good news: Antonio Nappa is coming to Oz. Cut to Nappa getting his stuff as Diane makes her stock speech that we heard in the first episode. Hoyt is there too. The speech is a little shorter than last time, and the sponsors show up quickly. Pancamo gets Nappa, and Adebisi gets a young boy without a speaking part, which is convenient, since his mouth is going to be full soon enough. Some creepy-looking African guy is there too, which I only mention because he'll resurface later, much like Adebisi's lunch.

Hill blathers about goldfish and their really short memories. Sign me up.

Strip club. A strobe light marks each of a series of quick cuts. Basically, Nappa signals to a flunky who looks sort of like Pancamo would if he devoured a small elephant, the flunky ushers some guy into a secluded spot, and Nappa shoots the random guy in the head. "Prisoner Number 98N744. Antonio Nappa." Murder two, eighty years, parole in fifty. In Glynn's office, Nappa tells Glynn and McManus that he was saddened by what happened to Schibetta, especially since he's his godfather. Glynn and McManus look at each other. Nappa: "No, his actual godfather." Hee! Everyone is really on with their comic timing this episode. Glynn says he won't tolerate revenge, but Nappa says he only asks that they punish the man responsible. McManus confesses that they have no witnesses. Nappa asks if he can see Schibetta. Glynn: "No." That word's been said a lot in this episode, I'm noticing. Nappa nods world-wearily.

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