Blizzard Of '01

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War...what is it good for?

Hill. Acceptance of one's fate. Best way to go.

Glynn walks to a cell in death row. He asks Giles to pick the manner in which he's like to be executed. Giles answers, "Die? Old. Sleep?" Glynn shakes his head sadly and tells him that's not an option. Giles then says, "Peter? Peter Marie?" Glynn says he'll go get her and leaves. Giles starts crying and is all pitiful. Moses tells him not to cry and that it's getting him down. He keeps crying. Moses yells at him. Cut to Peter's office as she goes over each method Giles can choose. When she goes over the gas method, Giles asks, "Stoned?" She looks at him and says, "Gee, I don't know if that gas makes you high." He shakes his head and clarifies that he means to be stoned to death, with actual rocks. She's like, "Wait a minute, you want to be stoned to death?" He replies, "Shirley Jackson."

Moses in a meeting with his lawyer, who tells him he may not be able to appeal his death sentence. He argues that he's a man of principle, that in the end he'll be exonerated. She tells him to get his affairs in order 'cause it probably isn't going to happen.

Back to death row, where Glynn says the state attorney general turned down Giles's request to be stoned to death. Giles argues, "Law…right! mine!" Moses looks over with interest. Pete tells him an anti-death penalty group is planning to sue the state on his behalf. Glynn grouses that this will drag out for decades. Moses absorbs this from his own cell as Giles says, "Peter. Peter Marie." She responds by giving him a thumbs-up. LoPresti glares as he says, "Lights out!" Moses: "Giles! This whole time I thought you were an idiot, talkin' in flash cards, when the whole time, you were a genius." Giles protests, "No, genius no." Moses: "Yes, genius, yes…you were supposed to die in two weeks." Giles smiles and says, "Die, old…sleep." And Moses tells him he's an inspiration to them all. The whole exchange was pretty amusing.

Cut to Moses visiting Said. He tells Said he just finished his book and was moved by it. He especially liked the part about Jefferson Keane and how he gave his kidney to his sister. Said says he still hears from Grace. Yeah, I bet he does. Moses says he wants to help others, he wants to give his organs away. But he wants to meet the people who get the organs. Said tells him that isn't allowed. Moses tells Said he knows he can make it happen. Said say he'll see what he can do. Moses just played him like a fiddle, yo.

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