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War...what is it good for?

We then see Beecher sitting at a computer in Pete's office, and Pete walks in with a lawyer from the Alliance of Prisoners Rights who wants to talk to Beecher. Catherine the lawyer shakes Beecher's hand and says "hello." I think there may have been a flicker of attraction there, but maybe it's me. They all sit down, and she asks him if he's aware he's up for parole. He is aware, but knows he has to serve at least four years of his sentence until then and in light of his crime, he figures that he won't be granted parole. She disagrees and points out the extenuating circumstances, i.e. his wife and Gary being dead, Holly's need for her father, and his improved behavior in the past six months. Toby looks like he might cry, and as he collects himself, Sister asks if he's okay. He asks what he has to do, and Catherine says, "Give me permission and I'll set the wheels in motion…in the meantime, stay out of trouble."

Cut back to the revolving pod; Colonel Clink is shaving, and he asks if Beecher's a "faggot." He tells Beecher not to "get any ideas," and goes on to take a dump out of his mouth as he spouts about gays ruining the military and "don't ask don't tell my ass" while all twenty dogs underneath the sagging porch of Clink's house bay at the moon and wake the chickens. Beecher comes back with how the military should just stay the way it is, with a bunch of redneck he-men who murder children and rape women. Clink turns and asks if he's making a joke of Clink; Beecher tells Clink he "does a pretty good job of that on his own." Clink grabs Beecher, Beecher goes for the groin, but instead of the usual, he hits it. Oh no. The hacks bust in to grab Beech and take him to the birdcage of non-discipline. Oopsie! No parole for you!

Hill sitting in his frozen cell, making a snowball. He hands it to me and I, in turn, throw it at him and run away, laughing.

Sister Pete's office. Jackson the Fox in attendance. She asks him why he's in jail. He tells her to look at the file right in front of her. She calls him on that by saying how it's hard to "say what you've done." He claims it's because he didn't do anything, that the girl went along willingly. The bell rings. She schedules him for another appointment the following day. He asks why, and says the sessions don't help him. Sister makes with the sarcasm as she says, "Well, it's helping me…you see, I have quotas to fill and everyday, I have to see a certain amount of prisoners or the state just won't pay me." Jackson gets up and starts to leave. She asks him if she "needs" to test him again for drugs, even though his last test was clean. He says, "No." She says she believes him...for now. Jackson goes to the cafeteria. He goes to Burr and says he needs better drugs because the last supply didn't get him high enough. Poet tells Jackson that's because he's been sniffing enough blow to kill a horse, and Jackson tells him to stow it. Burr says, "What Poet's trying to tell you, in his own surly style, is that you've been snorting so much every day, combined with your size, you've done developed yourself a tolerance." Jackson wants more. Burr says more will only kill him and, after grunting for a minute, suggests he begin shooting up instead. He tells him to be careful where he sticks it. Jackson asks where he should do it. Burr suggests "behind your knee." Cut to the Foxhole. Lights out. He springs into action by lighting the smack and preparing to inject it. He uses a mirror to see what he's doing and, of course, he sees his reflection in it, which prompts a brief flashback of former greatness. He doesn't do the smack. This After-School Special was brought to you by The Obvious. Cut to the group, the next day. Fox talks of his dependence on drugs and how although he'll never see another pro game, he doesn't want to forget that his legs are what got him out of the projects. He made something of himself. Oddly enough, Ryan and the rest actually listen and seem to care. Hill just looks guilty.

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