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Depression On A DVD, Part Two

Pete is praying in Leo's office when he enters. She tells him that the world would be a different place if Christ hadn't been executed -- the point being, I suppose, that we don't know if it would have been better or worse. Anyway, Pete asks for her job back, and Glynn immediately and unceremoniously gives it to her. I hope that means we won't have to see Dorkoates hem and haw his way around the classroom again. She tells Glynn she's still against the death penalty, as "thou shalt not kill." He counters that the Bible also says, "An eye for an eye," and good one, Leo, except that that's Hammurabi's Code Of Laws, so you're not exactly on any sort of theological ground here. Anyway, Glynn's not really being argumentative, as he muses that no one is going to claim L'Italien's body, and no one will grieve for him. Pete says she will, and Glynn smiles warmly and says he knows, and he loves her and is glad she's back. Aw. Do I detect the tiniest bit of solace in this hopeless wasteland?

Mukada returns to his office and removes his collar. He blows out the candle as Hill tells a story of a guy who was on death row for sixteen years while his case went back and forth. While he waited, he painted, not letting anyone see his work. When it finally came time for his execution, his mural was revealed to say these words: "Death is certain, life is not." And if there's any message we're meant to take from Oz, I think that's probably it. That, and to be very, very afraid if anyone ever asks us to spoon.

I'm going to watch cartoons for about ten days. See you soon!

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