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Depression On A DVD, Part Two

Ryan opens the door to Schibetta's pod and asks if he can enter. Schibetta beckons him in, and we learn that D'Angelo is unconscious and will be laid up for a while. Ryan offers his services, reminding Schibetta that he took care of Keane without it coming back to either of them. Schibetta muses that one of his best Army buddies was named O'Reily, and that he didn't take any shit from anyone. "Who knows. Maybe we can do some business." Ryan offers his hand, but Schibetta bemusedly stares at it. Hee. Ryan leaves, looking satisfied with himself. I'm satisfied with him, too.

Groves touches a wound on D'Angelo's forehead, then walks away and licks his fingers. Hee. Mukada comes to see Alvarez, whose right cheek is bandaged. Alvarez hopefully asks about his baby, but Mukada says he's not getting any better, and that the doctors are thinking of taking him off life support. Alvarez doesn't want to hear that. Mukada tells him that Maritza thinks it's the best thing, but he thinks she's just going along with the doctors. "I don't want them to kill my baby!" I don't think even Ryan could spin anything out of this material. Sorry about the Snark Lite here, but executions and dead kids do not a funny recap make. Especially not when my poor Miguel is lying there like a wounded puppy dog. Mukada says that if they take the baby off life support, he can have a natural death. Alvarez demands to talk to Maritza and to see the baby, but Mukada says that's impossible, as the state is going to give Alvarez a psychiatric evaluation for the slice-and-dice job he did on himself. Alvarez says he did it for the baby. Mukada asks how. Alvarez tells him it's between him and God, but if Mukada had read the details of Alvarez's crime, I would think it would be pretty clear. Alvarez begs Mukada to help him see his baby, and yells the request repeatedly as Mukada leaves.

Mukada and McManus meet with Sister Pete's replacement, who looks like a cross between The Little White Sex Dork and John Oates. And that, my friends, is not a face that's going to make the cover of GQ. Mukada tells him that he just wants Alvarez released to see the kid, because he thinks Alvarez will then realize that keeping his son alive in this condition is cruel. Dorkoates says he needs more time, and on hearing that the doctors want to pull the plug the next day, he says there's nothing he can do. McManus says he doesn't need his permission, and that he'll take the responsibility on himself. Tim, I know you've done two things that I was on board with this episode so far, but nothing is going to make up for what's to come, so fuck off. Dorkoates shrugs all, "What can I do?" Shut up, Dorkoates.

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