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Depression On A DVD, Part Two

McManus comes to see Keane, who's back in PC/DR, and says that he brought him some tea. Okay, even I have to give Timmy some credit here for that simple act of kindness with no ideological strings attached. Maybe this episode has worn my snark shields down. Keane accepts it, but asks why he's really there. McManus simply and unmelodramatically tells him he's sorry he's going to die, and...Keane: "You'd like my forgiveness?" McManus shrugs assent. Keane forgives him for whatever he thinks he's done. I'm reminded of Giles's statement to Buffy in "I Only Have Eyes For You": "Forgiveness is an act of compassion. It's not done because people deserve it. It's done because they need it." And boy, does Timmy look like he needs it right now.

By the way, I can't believe I just quoted a Marti Noxon episode while passing on a chance to tear McManus apart. I think I need a hug.

McManus gives Gloria a back rub. Okay, sap's gone. He asks if she's gotten Said's test results, and she says she's just waiting for the MRI. He asks her to dinner, but she begs off, and says she's witnessing Keane's execution. Knowing that's going over about as well as someone jumping the Grand Canyon on a tricycle, she turns to look at him. She says she's not actually administering the injection, only declaring the death, but he doesn't care. They fight, and he grabs her arm and punches the wall in anger. She dismisses him, not that I blame her, but I wish she hadn't opened the door for the ever-approaching horror I'm going to be witnessing soon.

Protesters. Some guy rushes up and tries to grab Pete's sign away. Diane watches out the window as McManus sits down next to her, facing inside. Oh God. It's not like my dinner was so great that I'm dying to get reacquainted with it or anything. She offers him the bottle of clear liquor out of which she's been swigging, and he accepts. McManus asks what's going on, and she tells him that some pro-death-penalty guy took a swing at Sister Pete. He asks if she's okay, and we see Pete kick the guy in the balls. Heh. They both say they're not going to watch the execution. Diane says she can't even watch flowers die. "The closest I ever came was Bambi." Huh? Turns out her ex-husband was a big hunter, and she tagged along with him one time. She managed to shoot a deer, and went over to check it out. "This deer looked up at me, with these eyes like flashlights. I knelt beside it, and I held its head and whispered, 'I'm sorry.' Then, like batteries going bad, the light in his eyes flickered a little bit and went out." Diane goes on that she had to stare at the deer's head in their living room for two whole years, and when they got divorced, the only thing she asked for was the trophy, so she could bury it. Well, thanks for throwing a little comic relief into this episode, Tom. I could use a couple more laughs, though -- do we have time for anyone to slit his or her wrists? McManus says he feels like his head is on someone's wall, then invites Diane to dinner. So that's what the bleeding-heart liberals are calling it these days.

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