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There once was a healer from Nantucket

Vern finds Dylan later in the library, reading the Bible, and proclaims, "I do want to be happy." Dylan puts his hand back on Vern's shoulder. What is WITH him doing that? It makes me twitch. Cut to Unit B and Schillinger walking with his playmate. Vern saying there is no scam…he's tired of all the "horseshit." "It's been months since Beecher's kid died…I kept thinking he was going to retaliate in some way, but he hasn't done anything." Mini-Vern: "Yeah, but…you and this prag, sitting together in one of Sister Pete's sessions? That's crazy!" I guess Schillinger is going to meet with Beecher at some point. Why? "I'm sick of it. I want to concentrate on the birth of my first grandson. I want a little taste of happiness." MV looks at him for a moment. "Vern. You're starting to scare me."

Pete with Beecher: "I believe Schillinger is genuine in wanting to put this to rest." Beecher whines, "I tried to do that by finding his son, Hank, what did I get? My son is dead and my daughter traumatized." Pete points out, "But, for the first time, the need for reconciliation is coming from Schillinger." Captain Pessimism: "It could be another of his plans." Sister Optimism: "Well, we'll never know if we don't try."

We are introduced to Brian Bloom as the newest addition to Emerald City. We see, a la flashback, that he was involved in a car theft ring. He'll be in Oz for a while. His name is Ronald Barlog. Beecher is his new friend, who gets to show him around the place and teach him how to get along well with others. Oh, also, they're roomies. After they're introduced, Beecher takes him through the common room. When Keller sees Ronnie, they greet each other enthusiastically, like they were the best of buds on the outside. Beecher takes this in with a little amusement. Keller tells Ronnie to get settled and they'll catch up then. Beecher to Keller: "He's cute…does he like to fool around?" Keller glares. Beecher smirks. I roll my eyes. Ryan looks on and wonders how this can benefit him later.

Beecher and Bloom enter their pod. Bloom: "So, I guess I'm on the bottom? Uh. Snerk! You betcha! Beecher: "Unless you wanna be on top?" "No, I do well on the bottom." Beecher gives the entendres a rest and asks how Ronnie knows Keller. Bloom: "We were partners for a while." Beecher: "You two ever fuck?" Well, now, way to get to the point. "What?" Beecher chuckles to himself and just says, "You let me know if you need anything," and shakes Bloom's hand. Keller watches them from the chess table.

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