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There once was a healer from Nantucket

Another new guy, who shoots several cops after they shoot his friend. The whole scene is so camp and fake that it just kills me that it made it to print. I mean, he shoots the last cop in the leg, and you can see the bulge of the blood-packet in the cops pants; you see it burst and blub thickly out onto his leg. Yeesh! Hill VOs that he's Burr Redding. Life, no parole. We see Said in McManus's office. McManus wants him to make a friend of Burr instead of a foe, because the "homeboys" have been in disarray since Adebisi died. Enter Burr. Burr faces Said. McManus makes with the introductions and Burr looks at Said: "You're the cat that wasted Simon Adebisi?" Said: "Yes, I am." Burr: "Outstanding! I heard he was one mean motherfucker -- that makes you even worse." Said calmly repeats the now over-told story of how he killed Adebisi in self-defense. The court exonerated me." Burr: "No doubt. But motives are less important than outcome. He's dead and you're not." He's got a way of speaking. I don't know…it cracks me up. Said to McManus: "May I go now?" McManus to his ego: "No." McManus tells Burr they just want to let him in on the way things work around Em City. Burr launches into history of how he grew up poor, pops died, quit school, played craps and been in the clink many times, many different clinks. He tells him he knows the ropes. Then says, "May I go?" McManus allows it. Burr strides to his pod and is spied by Hill, who knows him. They hug. Hill rolls after him into the pod and after a brief catching up, Burr asks him who the players are and who "needs talking to." Hill points out Poet, and we then cut to the fluorescent-green laundry room. Burr asks him if he's the one currently running things. Poet: "Yeah man." Burr basically tells him it's going to change, and that a wise man knows his limitations. Poet wonders if he knows this wise man, and maybe if the dude has some smack, while Burr leaves him to ponder that little mystery. Poet returns to retrieving his things out of the dryer while making a most unpleasant face.

Morales and Pancamo having a meeting with Burr. He gets around fast, this Burr; he's making friends and doing business! Morales tells him coolly, "We got a nice operation going here. We'd rather have you as a friend -- we'll even cut you a slice." Burr, unimpressed: "Extremely generous…I'll get back to you." Pancamo gets in his face: "You take the deal now." Murphy busts in and yells that it's a classroom -- not to be used for "board meetings." Is it just me, or is Murphy funnier than he used to be? ["It's just you. Heh." -- Sars] Burr continues to stand there, and Murphy asks him if he needs an engraved invite. We then see Burr sitting with Poet and Hill. Guess Poet's okay with the usurping thing. Poet asks Burr if he's aware that the Italians want him dead. Burr says he would like to see them try. We pan up to the dynamic duo in question, Morales and Pancamo, sitting above them looking contemptuous.

Generic newscast: a Chinese freighter ran aground, and thirty-six immigrants now have no place to go. The guy goes on to report that a portion of the refugees will be housed in Oswald. The inmates grumble and grouse. Cut to McManus with Glynn: "Leo, this is insane! Put them somewhere else." Leo: "I got a call from the secretary of state and I'm not inclined to argue." McManus snarks, "What…you looking for appointment in the new administration?" Leo: "Don't be snarky." Shout-out? Definitely! Claire says something about overcrowding. I can't listen to her. Pete just sucks her lips around her teeth and puffs them back out. Glynn has decided that they will set up cots in the common room, because that's a good idea. McManus says no way; he only just established some order in there. Yeah? In WHAT bizarro universe was that, Tim? Why don't we put on a nice pot of reality to brew, and while we're at it, let's discuss plotlines involving refugees being housed with inmates in a MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON, people! And of course they will have contact WITH the inmates! Glynn tells McManus he has made a decision. McManus pouts. Sister Pete, refugees, arrested, hard times. Let's make the world a better place. Just before Bill Cosby shows up to suggest Cokes and smiles all around, Murphy walks in, followed by Ms. Gau, who seems to be in charge of the refugees waiting outside in a bus. Tim jumps to his feet, followed by his tongue, takes her hand, and oils that he's the guy to come to for any and all her needs, if you know what I mean. And I don't think she does. Claire does, though. She gives an eye-roll that almost rivals mine.

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