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There once was a healer from Nantucket

Cut to McManus in his office, telling Buzz that one of the refugees reported to him that Buzz threatened them. Buzz is outraged and denies having threatened any of them. McManus ain't buying it -- he's running the place! He's in charge! He's the chairman, dammit! Cut to ESG on the phone with his wife, getting the report on her well-being and the kid's. It's sweet, and he hangs up to report excitedly that his kid is bossing everyone around at the orphanage. He's so happy. Morales stands there and listens to the whole report. ESG thanks him profusely for the phone call. Morales: "It's the least I can do." The buzzer sounds, and ESG asks where everyone is going. Morales explains that they all have to report to their jobs. ESG gets all excited and asks if he too can work: "I want to do my part!" Morales nods and says, "Okay, okay, I'll talk to some people. Let me see what I can do." It's all very cozy. Until someone gets hurt. Since when is Morales cozy?

Cut to the storage room where no guard ever ventures, yet where all prisoners have access to. Where so many people have been killed by now that you think they'd block it off with a big sign, or maybe post a guard there. I dunno. ESG is in there, rearranging stuff, and in walks Morales with his team of Blutos. Morales tells him he's grateful for everything he's done but he'll be requiring one last thing from poor Mr. Nice Guy. "To die." Morales grabs a staple gun, inside a maximum security prison. With no guards. And, as they hold him down, Morales tells him, "You will be mourned," and staples him. That sucks! They next show a close-up of ESG's head in the morgue. It's gross. I liked him. Morales sucks. The coroners cover him.

McManus enters Buzz's cell with Murphy while he quietly reads. He and Murphy are throwing Buzz in the cage/hole. Buzz is caught off-guard and starts to ask why. They throw him in, and he beats around angrily. I don't think Buzz likes confined spaces. Or maybe he's seen those shark specials too.

Hill. "Any convert, whether they go from communist to capitalist or from six packs a day to smoke-free -- they become a fanatic." "These are the ones who fuck up the world" (as a swastika illuminates over Hill's head, illustrating his point). "The rest of us, don't need any light…the rest of us, only need enough light so that we don't stub our toe on the way to the toilet in the middle of the night." Okay, that wasn't bad. I'll give Augustus that one. Credits.

Next week, Rick Fox! More religion! Gratuitous sex scenes! I just hope they shape up the Gloria/Ryan storyline. Except they won't.

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