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There once was a healer from Nantucket

We cut to Dr. Nathan examining Cyril. He asks where she's been. Dr. Nathan: "I took some time off." He asks, "After you got raped?" "Yeah." Cyril sadly says, "I wish I could've." "What?" "Taken a vacation…after I got raped." Way to bring down a girl's first day back, Cyril. Dr. Nathan regards him thoughtfully and sympathetically. He continues, "It was okay, though, I had Ryan to help me. I wish I could help him, though, he's sick." Yeah, Cyril, we know. Cut to Ryan in the kitchen. He retches and coughs on the food so we'll all understand that he's feeling under the weather. In case we didn't get it. Pancamo tells him to cut it out or he'll get everyone in Oz sick. Yeah, like, cover your mouth, Ryan! Ryan says he's fine and is no longer contagious…just as he spots Dr. Nathan. They exchange a long look as he re-thinks his statement and decides to go to the infirmary. While I go fetch some crackers to go with the quality of this development, Gloria walks away. Coy, Gloria, play it coy.

Later, in the infirmary, Dr. Nathan examines Ryan. She confirms that he is in fact congested. She says she wants to "keep him overnight," and tells him to put his shirt back on. He does so while looking smolderingly at her. The guard comes to take him to his bed for the night. Gloria watches him go. Later, in the staff locker room, we see Gloria, putting her things away as Claire enters and croaks, "Welcome back!" "Thanks, Claire." Claire smoothes her tentacles and says, "Just wanted you to know, I'm taking GOOD care of Ryan for you." Gloria looks at her. Claire takes this to mean that Gloria doesn't get her drift: "You know -- giving him a helping hand?" Ei-yah! Dr. Nathan blanches. Later that night, we see Ryan leaving his infirmary bed to speak with DG. The guard spots him and protests, but Gloria says it's okay. Ryan sits across from her at her desk. She pulls the gold shamrock that belonged to Keenan out of her pocket: "Did you send me this?" Ryan, softly: "Yes. Keenan raped you. He didn't deserve to breathe." He's sort of leaning towards her. Gloria disbelievingly says, "You admit it? Even though I could tell the warden and you would go to death row?" Ryan: "If I have to die --because of that...all right." Gloria stares at him for a moment and tells him, softly, to go to bed. Ryan gets up, leans over, and breathes, "I love you." He leaves. I melt. Gloria looks kind of cross-eyed and moony.

Sister Pete and Gloria are having an informal session together. Gloria admits to Pete, "I have hated Ryan O'Reily for so long, so deeply…he is responsible for the death of my husband. And Keenan too, all for me." Sister looks at her with an "uh-oh" expression. Gloria continues, "Ryan's love is enormous." I'll just leave that one right. Where. It is. Pete: "It's anything but unconditional, Gloria, he's dangerous. He has feelings you don't share." The statement hangs in the air and crashes back to Earth. "But I do…I do share…his feelings." Long pause here as we all collect ourselves. "I love Ryan O'Reily." D'oh! Sell-out plot! We're all whores! We cut to the following morning as Ryan, leaving the infirmary in his sweat jacket, casts a look in Gloria's direction that makes her look away. It's all very romantic, but still a damn sell-out.

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