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There once was a healer from Nantucket

Blah blah black sheep have you any bull? Hill waxes about Chris Columbus. When he landed in America, blah blah Indians, wanted them to change, cover up their naked bodies, stop smoking peyote and do things their way. The Indians responded by hurting them real bad.

The inmates are watching a newscast of Governor Gremlin as he's inaugurated into another term, still in a wheelchair as a result of the shooting. They're all bitching about the entertainment of choice, and Beecher yells to Murphy to change the channel. Poet's all, "We should petition the Gov to get us some cable in here." Cyril mentions to Hill that Gov has "wheels" like him. We then see Glynn, in his office, watching the same broadcast as Pete enters and asks if he wishes he were up there. "Do you regret dropping out of the race?" Glynn sort of smiles and says, "No."

Enter Busmalis, who announces that Barry Levine is on line two. Glynn, "Who?" Then, "You mean, Barney Levin?" "Yeah, maybe that's what he said!" Glynn grouses, "Well, tell him I'll call him back -- and use the goddamn intercom!". Glynn mutters to Pete about Busmalis's lack of skills. Pete tells him to hire someone from outside. Glynn: "I need someone who is smart, diplomatic and fearless." Leading to the obvious set-up for love interest for poor Glynn. Pete knows the perfect person. Whatever. Her name is Floria Mills.

We cut to Mills, arriving for the interview all flustered and babbling about her car (broke down), the freeway (parking lot), bad bad joke about said freeway, saw a trucker who didn't want to pull up to the prison. I would have been so very "don't call us, Excusa McDrama, we'll call someone else." For some reason, Pete makes a comment about Floria getting the job, and Glynn confirms this as she turns to shriek like a banshee and actually hugs Glynn, which is highly inappropriate and just generally bad and wrong. Cut to Mills making herself at home by walking through the prison with a cell phone, making plans for the warden's conference coming up. She moves and shakes and gets it all done because she is super efficient and annoying, and she will be the love interest, in case you all didn't get the same brick o' sub-plot in your face as I did. She finishes her conversation and walks through the cafeteria, eliciting whoops and hollers from the crowd of lunching inmates. And she loves the attention. McManus looks jealously out through his office blinds to find out just who is causing the commotion and ruining his Taster's-Choice-aromatherapy-candle moment.

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