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There once was a healer from Nantucket

Ah, we've reached the scene where we establish the obvious discord in Glynn's marriage, thus leading him down the scarlet-lettered path to Shrieky Von Vapid. She tells him she's taking off for the night as we see Glynn indulging in a glass of whiskey, probably thinking he could have been a contender. Leo: "Good first day." She perks, "Thanks, I had fun." She looks around and starts yapping about redecorating. It goes along the lines of, "With your permission, I'd like to add a few things…maybe a plant here, a few pictures of myself…oh, just a glamour shot or two. Okay, three. Also, if I could change your outgoing voicemail message to 'Hi, Warden Glynn can't get to the phone right now, because I currently have my claws in him, please leave a message, thanks.'" Well, she may as well have. She stops her nattering to ask, "Unless your wife would mind." He TMIs, "Fact is, this morning, my wife and I decided to separate. "Oh warden, I'm so sorry!" (Except for the "sorry" part, you big lug, wink wink.) She comments on the dreary surroundings and how he should get a hotel room since he has nowhere to go for the night. Doesn't this guy have any friends? "This may sound odd but…sometimes the walls around Oz make me feel safe." Nah, that doesn't sound odd at…okay, you sound like a dumb-ass. Floria says good-night as she exits the room, going over in her mind all the things she'll need to get in order before the wedding. Oh, and she refers to him as "Warden" again, so he asks her to call him "Leo." He watches her go.

Next day, Busmalis visiting with Not-Miss-Sally. He complains, "The warden fired me, no warning!" NMS soothes, "Well, maybe it's all for the best." Busmalis: "I'm back to scooping up excrement." She yaps about her job, he yaps back about loving her. He asks her to marry him. They kiss, much to the neighboring visitor's delight, who freeze-frames the moment in his mind for later. God, that is just so beautiful. Later, in their pod, Busmalis tells Rebadow, "I want you to be my best man." He already has been, dude. I thought these two were the geriatric Ross and Rachel! Rebadow mentions the fact that Busmalis is in prison and can offer no more than visiting hours and good comedy for his bride-to-be. Busmalis: "I won't be in Oz for long." He helps Rebadow up from the bottom bunk to show us a large-ass hole. A new tunnel. Jeez. Busmalis: "You and me, old friend, we'll dance at my wedding." Rebadow just looks dumbfounded, since he can't believe there's YET ANOTHER plot line about a damn tunnel.

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