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There once was a healer from Nantucket

Hill. Saul saw a cross in the sky -- he changed his name to Paul. Why? I don't know. Most of us aren't that lucky. For most of us, signs of God don't come that clear. Sure they do. I just saw God, and He asked me to tell you to put a lid on it.

Said sits with his merry band of Muslims. Arif is leading the prayer when in walks Leroy. Arif: "What do you want?" He wants to talk to Said; Said ignores him and asks Arif to continue. Leroy starts to leave, but turns back to say, "I want to become a Muslim." Said, without even looking at him: "Go away." Leroy: "I know I use to hang with Adebisi but, when I saw him bleeding…and you with that shank in your hand, I knew I had to change…I want to join you." Said leaps to his feet in overreaction mode and yells for Leroy to get out. In walks a hack, 'cause a fight is about to start, and orders Leroy to leave. He does, looking back at Said. Arif says to Said, "I know I never liked Leroy. The man's done nothing but wrong, but if his conversion is for real…" Said breaks in with, "It's not." Arif: "How do you know for sure?" Said breaks out with the "you questioning me?" Arif backs down. Said addresses the entire group with "I don't want any more talk about him." They all stare back with the wide-eyed look of kids not wanting to get yelled at. Said leaves to scrub the blood off his hands. Why won't the blood come off!?

Group. Leroy stands before them and explains his newfound desire to come clean. Straighten up and fly right. He says to Pete that no one believes him. Pete keeps a straight face and says, "We believe you, Leroy." The camera pans around the group as they all snerk over this "revelation." Except Beecher, who of course believes him. We cut to the computer room, where Beecher tells Said that he thinks Leroy's regret is genuine. The room is awash in green light. What's up with that? Beecher wonders why Said has embraced men far worse than Leroy; he ticks off names, and when he gets to Adebisi, Said leaps up: "NO! Not Adebisi!" and slams a book on the table. Arif, lurking outside, looks concerned. Beecher tells Said that his reaction is his guilt, the same guilt Beecher had when he killed Andrew and Hank Schillinger; he thought it was acceptable as long as it was "excusable." Said: "Get away from me." Basically, it's the exact same scene from the laundry room when Said got on Beecher's back for similar issues.

We're in the lunchroom. The Aryans are just finishing a racial joke when Said gets up and confronts the joke-teller, who happens to be Vern's cell-mate, Mini-Vern. MV looks at Said and asks if he "didn't find that funny?" Said: "No…but you…you're a joke." We see MV stand, pull a shank from his pants -- where the hell are all the sharp knives coming from? Between that and the never-ending supply of narcotics, it's just not very prison-like, until a hack throws you in the hole for winking at another hack or something -- speaking of which, MV gets literally thrown in. He slides across the floor and stands up (naked? Yeah.) and hits the wall a few times while swearing angrily. The wall, in fact, doesn't hit back.

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