Cruel And Unusual Punishments

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Cruel And Unusual Punishments

Alvarez meets with Sister Pete. He claims that he wants to see what he's done to Rivera. Sister Pete doesn't understand, pointing out that Alvarez will see Rivera when they meet. Alvarez explains that he wants to see what it looked like on the day it happened, and that he knows hospitals often take photographs of patients upon arrival. They do? I guess that's where they get all that weird shit you see on the internet. Sister Pete doesn't think it's a good idea. Alvarez explains that the incident is a blur to him, and that when he looks in the mirror now, he doesn't see himself. He sees the guy who did that to Rivera. Sister Pete isn't convinced. Alvarez thinks that seeing the pictures will allow him to be alone with himself, whatever that means. I think his medication will help in that area more than anything. Sister Pete promises to see what she can do.

Rivera's wife arrives and starts yelling at Sister Pete, asking her to stop stirring up the past with her husband, because it's causing problems. Sister Pete calmly says that Rivera seems very open and ready to face Alvarez. Mrs. Rivera says that Rivera just sits at home quietly and won't talk. Sister Pete points out that Rivera might be afraid that his wife won't be supportive. Mrs. Rivera claims that she has been nothing but supportive. Sister Pete mentions that Rivera has thought of committing suicide in order to give his wife a new life. This is obviously a surprise to Mrs. Rivera, and she starts crying. Sister Pete tells the story of how her husband was murdered, explaining that, for a long time, she wallowed in pain and grief. Rivera has only two choices: to move on, or die.

Alvarez looks at a picture of Rivera from the day of the incident and freaks out, grabbing his head and moaning. He starts sobbing, and Sister Pete comforts him.

Nappa talks into a tape recorder. Man, I just recapped an episode of Felicity yesterday and this is all looking like some bizarre "Dear Sally" crossover. A guy walks into the cell, and introduces himself as Nat Ginsberg, Nappa's new roommate. Nappa tries to set Ginsberg straight about his sexual orientation, but Ginsberg isn't all that interested, asking about Nappa's tape recorder instead. Nappa says he's writing his memoir. Ginsberg knows who Nappa is, and asks whether Nappa is naming names. Nappa replies, "Names, places, felonies." Ginsberg offers to be Nappa's secretary, and Nappa accepts.

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