Cruel And Unusual Punishments

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Cruel And Unusual Punishments

In the cafeteria, Arif and Khan berate Said for letting Beecher stay. Said defends his choice. Khan says that Said is rationalizing his actions, and is no longer fit to lead them. Kahn thinks he should be the leader. At a word from Kahn, all of the Muslims stand up and turn. They do a funny march on out of the cafeteria. Arif stands also, and orders the one remaining Muslim to join him. They leave Said sitting alone at the table, crying. The other prisoners laugh and laugh.

Beecher finds Said sitting alone on the stairs, and asks whether the rumors are true. Said confirms it. Beecher stills wants Said to teach him about God. Said's look softens, and he admits that he's not sure that he can. Beecher smiles.

Glynn asks McManus whether Said is out of power. McManus says that Beecher asked for Said to be moved into his cell. Glynn wants to set up a meeting with the new Muslim leader, Khan, and it's time for a "How I Got To Prison" flashback. Khan comes upon a man raping a woman no a playground. The man takes off, but Khan catches him and beats the crap out of him. Hill intones, "Prisoner #99K515, Hamid Khan, convicted March 6th, 1999 of aggravated assault. Sentence: ten years, up for parole in five."

Khan stands near the railing while Said gathers his things in order to move to Beecher's cell. Said and Beecher walk down the stairs together while the other prisoners heckle Said for moving in with a white man and call them love birds.

Hill's all-time favorite punishment is called "riding the stang." The wittiest person in town would be put on a chair and carried around town by the villagers, banging on a bucket and making up dirty limericks about the accused. Hill thinks that being made fun of and humiliated may be the cruelest punishment of all.

Beecher is awoken by Said crying and talking in his sleep. He comforts Said by putting a hand on him. Said wakes up and keeps crying and moaning. Wow, that was an anticlimactic ending for the episode.

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