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Do you shiv or swallow?

Beecher, meanwhile, is preparing for a visit from his father and his long-lost son. I apparently missed the season where Beecher's family tree was explained, so I'm not going to make any judgments about where this kid has been for the last five years. It's the first time I've ever even heard of him, so I'll just go with the flow. I also didn't expect Beecher's father to be played by Edward Herrmann, but that's mostly just because I never thought I'd live to see the day someone from The Gilmore Girls would end up in Oz. Well, I did once have that dream about Lorelai in the women's prison, but it's probably best that we don't talk about that one. Papa Beecher comes bearing bad news, however, which is that Toby's son refuses to get out of the car and come inside to see him. Tobias is crushed at first, but then puts on a brave face by saying that he'll be out in a few months, and he can just see the kid then. Oh, Toby. You really shouldn't have said that. Does no one in this prison understand the concept of the jinx? Dad hands over a picture of the kid, and Toby gushes with excitement. Dad also admits that he's going over to visit Keller so he can work on Keller's appeal. Toby casually asks him to "give him my love," and Dad looks quite disconcerted by the very notion.

But not as disconcerted as he is by Keller himself, apparently. Up on Death Row, Papa Beecher is explaining that the primary witness against Keller was twice busted for dealing crack, a fact that Keller's previous lawyer failed to uncover. Pop also refers to said previous lawyer as being a "he," but I was under the impression that it was Beecher's ex-girlfriend or whoever she was that was handling the case. Oh, well. Whatever. Keller suddenly jumps out of his seat to go grab a pack of gum off the shelf, and Papa Beecher recoils in fear as he passes. Heh. Keller, feeling frisky, asks Pop how he feels about the fact that his son is in love with a convicted serial killer. When Dad admits that it bothers him, Keller presses for details. "Does it bother you that he loves a man, or that he loves me?" Dad refuses to answer for a moment, but then turns back just as he leaves the cell. "If find you despicable," he spits. "Happy?" Keller considers this for a moment, and as he watches Papa Beecher walk away, mutters to himself, "Just another notch in my gun." Yeah. I don't know what it means, either.

Cut to a news broadcast, where we learn that the mayor of a small nearby town is on trial for aiding and abetting the KKK in the sixties-era murder of two young black girls. While we hear the news report, we see Papa Beecher walking ALONE down YET ANOTHER improbably darkened hallway. Has Leo been forgetting to pay the electric bill or something? And are all the guards still off celebrating their inter-season hiatus by partying at Diane Whittlesey's place in Paris? Cindy approaches from the other direction, and uses his mail cart to block Papa Beecher's path. Behind them, a guard slams the door shut, clearly having been paid off by Cindy. A few flicks of the shiv later, Papa Beecher lies dying on the floor, as Cindy races back to his mail cart.

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