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Do you shiv or swallow?

Cut to Warden Glynn's office, where the staff is meeting to discuss who should be let out of solitary. Claire runs down the list of inmates, complete with flashbacks to how they all got into solitary in the first place. The highly-trained recapper in me feels compelled to point out that the show tried to get away with using footage of Schillinger raping Cyril here, when they're actually punishing him for Guenzel and Winthrop. One by one, the boys are brought into the office, but none of them seem even the least bit repentant. Omar White doesn't even say a single word, just runs his face through a series of tortured expressions. Heh. Good actor, lousy character. Claire insists on keeping her personal fuck-toy locked up where she has easy access to him, and the others bicker a bit about who should be let out.

Back in solitary, Claire comes to visit Omar, and informs him that he won't be going anywhere for a while. Because nothing overtly disgusting has happened in the last ninety seconds, we're now forced to endure several shots of Omar wiping his ass after a visit to the porcelain (or, in this case, stainless steel) throne. He reports that he hasn't been feeling well lately, but Claire, who is surprisingly tolerant and egalitarian for a sexual predator, orders him to strip anyway. I immediately begin swabbing my trusty skewer with alcohol in preparation for eye removal surgery at the mere thought of a Claire/Omar sex scene, but fortunately, my vision is spared by the sight of Omar losing his lunch all over Claire's shoes. Whew. Who'd have thought I'd ever be so grateful for vomit? Especially when it's so colorful and thick. It looks like Omar's been munching on some Jackson Pollock paintings in his spare time. Claire makes him wipe her shoes clean, and then we cut to the infirmary, where Dr. Nathan admits Omar for some tests.

Back in Glynn's office, it's announced that Alvarez is being released from solitary. Alvarez promises to behave, but says he can't control what his enemies might do. So, of course, we cut to Chico Guerra, right in the middle of a fight with yet another red-shirt extra. Boy, those extras are getting frisky this week, aren’t they? The fighters are pulled apart, and Guerra is shipped up to McManus's office, where he's told that Alvarez is coming back to Em City, and that any problems between them will end with Guerra himself getting shipped off to solitary. McManus now brings Alvarez into the office, and orders the two to engage in a touching, heartfelt reunion. They share a brief conversation in Spanish (Alvarez: "My cow has brown spots." Guerra: "This was funnier when Shack did it."), which is then followed by a handshake and a hug, much to the dismay of Morales, who watches from across the tier.

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