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Life is but a ream

Then Hill starts talking again. About driving. Or showering. And remembering a dream. And wanting to recapture the feeling of that dream, every detail, every nuance. And missing your exit. Or zoning out. Well, says Hill, as I begin to wonder what the hell he's talking about, if you daydream in the Oz shower, some cocksucker will shank you in the back, and now I'm really wondering what Hill's talking about, and he says that daydreams are deadly, and I throw up my hands and resign myself to the fact that Hill, traumatized by the death of his mother and his wife's request for a divorce, has obviously lost his shit and has been reduced to babbling incoherently. Sad.

In the gym, Robson approaches a very flexible Minister Said and begins mimicking him. Said, of course, gets really angry, since that's about all he does these days. Arif steps in and tries to calm Said down, but the Minister steps up to Robson and tells him that if he says one more word, "I'll snap your cracker neck, right here, right now." Of course, there's a guard watching the whole thing. So Robson doesn't say a word, but he barks. Or roars. Or something. The guard finally breaks up the party, and Arif continues trying to get Said to chill by exhorting him to think of the words of Allah. What words might those be, wonders Said, as he rips off his necklace. Beads rattle to the floor, as Said looks pained and Arif looks sad. Said throws the necklace down and stomps off, as a younger Muslim with Arif begins to question Said's sanity and the appropriateness of his leadership, but Arif refuses to hear any criticism of Said, a great, strong man who's having a bit of a hard time. Plus, most movements -- religious or otherwise -- are led by crazy folk, so I say let him stay.

Pete's leading an interactive moment with Said, Schillinger, and Beecher. Today's topic is drugs and the evil that they do. Schillinger says that he's never even smoked pot, when Said pipes up that he's used smack and crack and some other -acks. Beecher seems surprised, since Said never said anything to Beecher while he was using, but Said explains that his drug days represent a period of his life that he's not proud of. "Unlike now?" asks Schillinger. Said glares.

Then Said walks down the stairs into the TV pit, where Poet sits talking to Slowmar. "Follow me," says Said. Slowmar protests, since the greatest puppet show on earth is on, but Said insists. He push-drags Slowmar over to the side, asks if Poet was trying to sell Slowmar drugs, and tells him not to hang out with Poet anymore. Slowmar protests again, claiming that he and Poet have a relationship that transcends drugs, but Said insists again (continuing the insist/protest dynamic that constitutes the entirety of their grating relationship), reminding Slowmar that one word from him to McManus lands Slowmar back in solitary. Shortly thereafter, Poet walks in on Slowmar, head down on a desk, looking a bit peaked, and proceeds to build on their deep friendship by selling him drugs. Slowmar protests for about a second, but Poet lets him in on a little secret -- he's got a contact on bedpan detail who will pee for pay. Great, says Slowmar, sign me up. Of course, Said walks in as they complete the transaction, forces Slowmar to admit that he's holding, and crushes the offending vial of powder beneath his heel. Poet and Slowmar look nervous like two little kids caught red-handed with porn -- as drug users and criminals, I would expect them to be a bit cooler under pressure, but that might stall the plot, and we can't have that. Said tells Poet to "forget Omar White exists," and Poet agrees. After an aborted attempt to get his cash back, Slowmar sidles off to work, while Said glares some more.

Said then runs to McManus, who seems strangely upbeat about the incident since Slowmar didn't actually ingest any drugs. Said maintains that it's only a matter of time before McManus's secret lover starts hitting the hard stuff; McManus shrugs it off and halfheartedly tells Said to let him know if and when Slowmar does start using again. Said and I both go, "Huh?" Actually, Said takes McManus to task for roping him in with this whole "save yourself, save someone else" crap and convincing him that he could work out his own troubles by helping Slowmar conquer his. Said says that he's been brainwashed -- I mean, "bought in" -- and needs to do this for his own soul. Glare. McManus nods in his infuriating way and says that it's all on Said. There's an answer, but he doesn't have it, and he thinks Said does. "If not," says McManus, "we're all fucked," and walks away, leaving Said to rue the day that he ever let McManus sell him the rotten goods named Slowmar.

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