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Life is but a ream

So Redding's telling Hill about how his mother was all into civil rights, and how she dragged Hill's father down to Washington, D.C. to hear Dr. King, to join the big march. Redding stayed behind, however, to wait for something better to come along. Hill's parents were part of the most important event of the 20th century, while Redding was "two days in to a five-day drunk." Smell the sadness dripping down the walls. Touch the regret hanging in the air. But the market of parties interested in a journey of change and self-discovery dried up last Tuesday. Thanks, though.

Guerra's in group, talking about how he got a postcard from his "honey" -- she's in Maui (marrying Aidan, perhaps?). Ryan's off about how great Maui is, with vaginal volcanoes and big-breasted women, but he kind of stops himself when he realizes that Sister Pete is sitting next to him. From what she's been doing lately, it seems like she'd like to know Ryan's preferences. Maybe she can set him up. Pete wants to know if it bothers him that his girlfriend is in Hawaii, if he's lonely, needs a date. Guerra's confident that his girlfriend still loves him, but the postcard makes him sad about all the places he'll never see. Hill, annoyed that someone thinks they've got bigger problems than him, chides Guerra for kvetching about his girlfriend going on vacation. See, he thought it was bad to lose his legs and his freedom, but he's recently realized that the worst thing -- the thing that really steals your manhood -- is having a woman walk away from you and then turn her head around slowly. In black-and-white. Oh, and -- she's got a purse.

Cloutier, backed by what sounds like a lot of flies, lures a mesmerized Dr. Nathan into his lair, waving his bubbly hand at her -- his arm is swathed in part of a dress that Bjork might fancy -- and stroking her cheek when she approaches his bed. She says she wishes she could understand, and then kisses his hand. And then rubs some soot from her lips and uses it a cross on her forehead. Someone darts out from behind the wall and smacks me in the head with a board.

Timmy Kirk's talking to a big skinhead named Gunner -- or Gunnar. This is the other side of Nelson. He looks like one of those people some witty advertiser would show knitting booties or doing ballet to illustrate how a tough detergent can be gentle on clothes. Kirk wants Gunner to kill Cloutier when he delivers mail in the infirmary. Kirk tells Gunner to "waste" Cloutier, which is the preferred term for quasi-religious freaks to use when describing those they want dead. And then Gunner goes off to deliver the mail. I love how quickly things happen on this show -- you never have to sit through a pesky tangential scene to find out how things will end. Gunner goes into Cloutier's room, leaving his mail cart outside and wandering in unchecked. Obviously, there's no one at the door, because Cloutier's weak and in a prison and in the middle of a big investigation and has lots of enemies. Gunner stuffs a pillow in a surprisingly expressive Cloutier's face, and then Dr. Nathan strolls by, puts two and two together, and runs into the room, only to be knocked over by the kitty-petting thug. A guard pulls Gunner off, but Cloutier's in pretty sad shape, gasping and wheezing and flopping on the bed.

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