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Said sits at the head of table where some other Muslims pretend to converse as the Sicilians, led by Schibetta, march into the room. Schibetta secures permission to sit and lays out his argument for Said -- something about how they both want the Nazis "dented," I think, whatever that might mean, and Said plants himself firmly in non-Schibetta's camp by denying Schibetta's request, because "here in Oz, you will always be known as one of Adebesi's bitches. No matter what you do, you cannot change that." Schibetta maintains that he can too change that; Said wishes him good luck, and Schibetta gets up to leave. Then the other Sicilians, with not-Schibetta as their mouthpiece, lay it on the line: Said's right, and they're not going after the Aryans until Pancamo gives the word. Sucks for you, dude. Take it up the ass one time and you're forever branded. An entire career sacrificed for one moment of passion. A shot of Schibetta pummeling a punching bag lets us know that he's mad and ready to blow. No pun intended, of course.

Schillinger and Robson show up to pick up the pool table from the Aryan repairman; while they shoot the breeze, Schibetta walks in for something and is told to wait. Words are exchanged, and Schibetta pulls a knife from under his shirt and charges Schillinger in the lamest -- and least strategic -- stabbing attempt I've seen yet. If that's all Schibetta has to offer, then he is a wuss, rape notwithstanding. He looks like a pirate in a high school play. The Aryans, of course, subdue him, and as Robson and Schillinger drag him over to the refurbished pool table, lightning prepares to strike twice. Schillinger says, "I always wondered. Was Adebesi's dick bigger than mine? You be the judge," as he sticks his hand in a tub of brown goo -- really unappealing looking lube. Schibetta screams, to no avail, but we're spared the sight of his second rape and cut straight to the infirmary, where Dr. Nathan tells Pete that she stopped the bleeding but he's in pretty bad shape. As Pete instructs the orderlies to take Schibetta to the psych ward, Pancamo looks on from the next room, shaking his head in dismay and disbelief. Wow. Poor guy.

Schillinger, ever the class act, shoots pool as he comments on how well the table's working. Because nothing makes a pool table sing like gang-raping someone on top of it. Just ask Jodie Foster.

Sitting in Leo's antechamber, Penders starts hitting on his assistant, who must be really over this sort of thing by now. In more exposition, Penders explains that he saved Leo's life when Clayton Hughes was about to stab him, and then goes off on how Ms. Assistant is the first real woman he's seen after being in solitary for almost a year ('cause the female hacks don't count -- I hope the lady guard standing there kicks his ass after they leave). "You're very pretty," he says, as though she's going to stop her typing and straddle him. I guess you don't get if you don't try, right? Leo calls Penders into his office; when the latter pauses to say goodbye to Ms. Assistant, Leo barks, "Now." Penders, out of solitary, wants to stay out, and thinks that his best chance is to avoid conflict -- and therefore contact -- with the other inmates. Rather than working in the shop, Penders would like a job in Leo's office. Out of the question, says Leo, and don't say you owe me because I hate that phrase, which deflates Penders' quest for payback. In a lot of unnecessary words, Leo tells Penders that he hates him because he serves as a constant reminder of what happened to Clayton, and that he needs to avoid Leo at all costs or risk a return to the hole. Leo then shoos him out with this really strange flapping motion.

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