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Poet's dead society

We cut to Dylan telling Kirk that he is no longer a member of the congregation. Kirk tries to plead with him and grabs his arm. Dylan yells for him to let him go. Kirk looks upset and Dylan looks furious.

Cut back to Ryan, Liam, and Connelly, who sit at a table while Connelly regales the two of them with his horror stories of "bloody Sunday" and the ongoing battle in Ireland. Ryan hangs on to his every word until the bell sounds for visiting time. He gets up to go see his mother. Connelly asks him if he "treats his mother right." Ryan says he does. He's known her for two seconds, so it's hardly cookie-earning. In the visiting area, New Mommy tells him why she left. She hasn't wanted to explain before. He encourages her to tell him now. She begins by saying that the sixties were a mixed-up time. She protested, along with her friends. They all armed themselves. They were militant. He guesses correctly that someone got killed. She confirms this and says she ran then, but is now tired of running: "I'm going to turn myself in." Ryan panics and says he doesn't want her to; he only just found her and is working on a plan to get out so they can "be together." She tells him not to do that. Ryan: "Why the fuck not?" "Because you'll have to spend the rest of your life doing what I did, lying and hiding." She tells him that it's no life. The buzzer signals the end of visiting time. They rise. Ryan kisses and hugs her sadly, calling her "Mom." She's pleased by this and tells him she loves him. "I always have, and I always will." They say goodbye and we see tears on Ryan's face. She's crying too. He leaves the visiting room.

Connelly enters the room where his lawyer awaits. "Bad news, the attorney general has circumvented the law of asylum." Connelly asks if that means they've lost the fight. The answer is yes, and a week from that day, Connelly will stand before a British judge. That means he'll hang. Those pesky British!

Flashback of Ryan killing Patrick Keenan, and then of Gloria recapping that he admits to killing Keenan to her, even though she could rat him out to the warden. The present. Ryan enters her office, where she fondles the golden shamrock. She asks him how Cyril is; Ryan replies, "He's a little anxious to get out of protective custody but he's okay." He asks her if she's given thought to "what [they] talked about." She answers, "Any thought? Your little proposition had me sleepless for three nights." He probes for her to continue. The warden asked her a few days ago if she knew anything about Patrick's death. She lied and said she didn't. Ryan looks happy that she covered for him. "Ryan, the medical board is deliberating whether or not I'm qualified to hold this job." She tells him they are questioning her ethics and how at first that fact upset her, but since her actions have been questionable of late, she realizes her "ethics" aren't exactly rock-solid any more. She returns the necklace to him. Ryan pleads, "Look, love is more important than ethics." She disagrees: "Well, now how would you know that? I mean, what ethics you have are completely screwed up." He asks her why she doing this to him. She says she should tell Glynn that he beat Keenan to death, but she won't. She is not going to help him escape and if he asks her again, she will tell the warden about Keenan. She tells the officer that they're done. You go girl! Ryan turns to her before leaving and says, "I do have ethics and I'm not screwed up." She just looks tired as he leaves.

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