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Poet's dead society

Ryan goes straight to Connelly's pod. Connelly: "What do you want?" Ryan: "I've been on the computer, reading about the troubles. It's not all about God, it's about the money. It's about the Protestants taking Catholic land." Connelly smirks and makes fun of Ryan's "newfound knowledge." Ryan tells him not to laugh at him. "Everyone knows I get things done, that's my talent. I want to help you do something for the cause…something for Ireland." Connelly considers this as he looks out, over Em City. "All righty. I know what we should do." Cut to Ryan entering the laundry room, basket in hand. He pulls out two gallons of bleach and says to Connelly, "All your whites are clean, so you mind telling me why you need this stuff so bad?" Connelly continues pulling his clothes from the dryer. He asks Ryan to get him a wristwatch. Ryan asks why. Connelly slams him against the dryer and pulls a shank to his throat. Ryan holds him off and looks like he's soiling his pants. They struggle for a minute, the point of the shank right at Ryan's throat. Connelly asks if Ryan's willing to die with him. He lets Ryan go. "The bleach and the watch are part of my scheme." Ryan: "Which is what?" "To make a bomb…you and me, O'Reily, we're going to blow up Emerald City." Ryan looks ill.

Hill. Teamwork. We see different types of "teams" walk up behind him. The hacks, the inmates, some army guys. He says to make sure the success you go after, is the success you need. Ah, wise grasshopper. You have learned me once again.

Next week, the explosive season finale of Oz. We see quick scenes of mayhem, one of which seems to be McManus being kicked in the head. Heh. That makes me smile. We see the bomb and people running. It's so very Melrose, isn't it?

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