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Poet's dead society

Infirmary of nicks, scrapes, and heated forbidden passion. Everyone's wrecked. Hill's got a pack to his head. Jackson hurt his hand, Ryan's talking smack, and Beecher looks depressed. Oh, right. He always looks like that. Well, he now has some cuts on his knuckle too, even though I didn't see him throw a punch, and if he did, he probably didn't even hit hard enough to cut himself. I see him as more of a slapper, actually. Omar is sitting there, looking rode hard and put away wet. Pete tells Tim, "As a rule I don't give up on people but this guy Omar…he may be the exception." McYawnus barks Omar's name. Omar dutifully lopes over. They stand facing each other on opposite sides of the fence and Tim just looks at the very bad boy. Omar: "I know, I fucked up again, all bullshit aside, I want to own my own mind." McCrackass accepts this and yaddas about not knowing why he trusts Omar, but he's not giving up on him. Well, you continue trusting him because you are a dumbass. You're not giving up on him because you are consistent in your dumbassedness, never faltering in making the stupidest choices known to idiots. After he spits a very non-inspiring statement into Omar's face, he grasps Omar's hand, and Omar thanks him for believing in him some more.

Grainy flashback of Beecher facing the mother of the girl he killed while drunk driving. She's yelling, "You killed my baby!" while he stares numbly back at her. He's wearing glasses and shorter hair. Back to the present. Beech stares downward while Catherine the lawyer gives him the same good news as last week. Sister Pete is in attendance also. Once Catherine finishes telling him he could possibly be out by month's end, Beecher asks her if the parents of the girl have been informed that he'll be roaming the streets. Free. She tells him that it's not advisable to do that, as they could in turn sway the board to deny parole. Beecher explains, "Until my son was killed I've never fully understood what I've done to those people. I can't go back into the world knowing I snuck out." In essence, he feels he must have their blessing so as to ensure his spot right next to Jesus. Pete says that before they tell them, she will first arrange an interaction between him and the parents, prior to the hearing. He turns to Spready McSlutsky and asks her if she understands why he must do this. She schmoos, "As a lawyer, I think you're insane…as a mother [reaches over to cover his hand with her own], I think you got balls for days." And I bet she would love to see if she's right. Pete beams at the two of them.

We cut to the interaction. Beecher sits opposite the two parents. Pete is at the head of it. Beecher begins, "Last time we saw each other, Mrs. Rockwell, I didn't say much." Mrs. Rockwell: "You didn't say anything." He agrees. "Well, that's because I was on drugs…I was confused and full of self-loathing." Mr. Rockwell asks, "And now you've forgiven yourself?" Beecher: " No…what I did to your daughter will shadow me forever, just as being in Oz will. What's happened to me in here…well…whether I've suffered enough to satisfy you, I don't know." Mr. R: "When you were sentenced to fifteen years, I was stunned. Fifteen lousy years doesn't equal the lifetime my daughter lost. You say you've suffered…I say I'm glad." We cut to Pete's reaction, which is calm concern. The dad really looks like he'd be one of those drill sergeant dads that would yell if you got an A minus in math. Beecher tells them that when the lawyer told him he could be paroled, she said it was because of the extenuating circumstances, that the board might look kindly upon him. Pete encourages him to explain the "circumstances." He continues, "Since I've been inside, my son was murdered and my wife may have been." He makes a dumb comment about how when he entered Oz he was "walking across the grave of [their] daughter" and I get that, I really do, but I think it was an inappropriate way to word it. He adds that he is now walking across the graves of his family. It just sounds weird. Mrs. R: "When I saw you four years ago, the pain of Kathy's death was still so new, and David and I grieved and grieved, we still do. But the sorrow is balanced with joy, we have another child, Richard, and he's growing up to be remarkable." She continues on to say that although they still don't understand why their daughter is gone, they accept that it must be part of some "wise plan." She finishes by saying how they cannot decide if he's suffered enough -- only God can decide that. Cue Pete's deep look at her shoes. Mrs. R to Beecher: " We will not interfere with your parole." Beecher looks both pained and relieved. Fade out.

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