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Poet's dead society

Hill. A good man knows where to draw the line. I've had it. I dial his number again. Hello? Hill? What the HELL are you talking about? I realize you break the show into sections and bring me some sort of hope that I'm making progress as I tap, tap, tap away but o-mi-gawd! What's with the pointless reference to what good men do? We are dealing with inmates! None of them are "good." Not even you! Hill pauses before replying sadly, "I was trying to share my knowledge with you, young Megyn, perhaps the deepest form of love. One small glimpse of sunshine in an otherwise dismal recap -- and yet, you beseech me for logic? Have I failed you so miserably? By the gods, no! It will not be! I will find your logic! I will travel far and near. Consult with poets and shamen. I will fornicate with whores and virgins. Yes, I accept the divine quest to scour the black depths of my soul and unlock the mysteries of human behavior, all for one iota of logic, and when I find it, like the holy grail, I will return to you, bathed in the blood of my struggle…staggering to you, fall to my knees to lean in and whisper in your ear, the logic you so long to hear. And then, in the warm glow of the moment, you will smile knowingly, for you are, at this point, drunk beyond comprehension. Your eyes brighten and tear at our folly as you laugh at the absurdity of my quest." [Long silence.] Uh, Hill? I actually need to finish this episode during the season, mmkay? Click!

Solitary. Clayton the red-shirted looks through his little window and tells Robson he is "one ugly motherfucker." Robson retorts, "I don't see you modeling in Milan." We cut to Alvarez, engaged in self-love, telling them to shut up so he can concentrate. Probably on his fantasy of having a plot. The guards tell them all to stow it since the warden is on deck. What is this, a spaceship? Glynn enters Clayton's cell and asks the guard if he frisked him. Clayton asks, "You actually think I'd shank you?" Glynn tells him to get to the point. Clayton shares his new plan to confess to the murder of Mobay and ask for the death sentence. He has also taken it upon himself to write a manifesto. Glynn freaks out that he got a hold of paper on which to write said manifesto, and orders the guard to make sure Clayton is not allowed near paper again as he rips up Clay's masterpiece. Clayton can't believe it and tries to attack Glynn but is restrained by the guard, who throws him on the bed. He starts cracking up to remind us all that he's crazy, and they leave him. Robson joins in by screaming to Leo that he wants a lawyer. Get him, Said! He continues yelling and finally begins to bark. Yes, bark. Like a dog.

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