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Poet's dead society

Infirmary. Jackson is being checked out by Gloria while McManus believes the guard's story that Jackson brought on the attack. Gloria tells Jackson to stay off the leg for a while. McManus walks over and says they'll postpone the game a week. Of course, the testosterone flares in Jackson, who says, "Because you care about me, right?" And, of course, McManus has to comment on how "if the ball bounces the right way," he could win, thus causing Jackson to say he can play. Never mind that no doctor would allow him to, and that the guards are apparently not going to be reprimanded -- both facts get on my nerves. Cut to the game. McManus, who rented Basketball Diaries just so he could get into character, nods to Dave. Whatever that means. Cue "edgy" soundtrack music to make it all seem so cool. I'm a music idiot so I can't name that tune. They didn't show it in the credits either. The game doesn't go well for Jackson, and the staff wins fifty-eight to forty-six.

Common room. Jackson, no longer a hero, gets the slick and diss from Ryan; then, as he passes the table where Pancamo sits, Morales walks up and lets Jackson know he had a lot of money bet on the game. Jackson keeps moving, only to come to a table where he isn't entirely welcome to sit down. It's just so Can't Buy Me Love when they all find out Ronnie paid Cindy to pretend to date him. Jackson sits down. Tug and Poet leave the table. Ouch. Cut to Dave meeting with the scout from Sacramento, who tells him not to "pick-up games"...get it? He needs to be careful so he doesn't hurt himself and screw up his chances for greatness. Gosh, I bet he makes it big time! Dave tells Tim he'll honor his commitment to the last game. Tim poo-poos this and tells him to go. Dave lopes out happily. McDumbass sits and makes a stupid face. Then he swears. Why is this storyline centered around him? Why can't we dedicate some time to Ryan? Or hell, even find out where Busmalis's bride went? I mean, c'mon!

McManus and Murphy walk by the green laundry room. Morales, in said room, calls out, "There he goes, the luckiest man on the planet!" Tim takes the bait and swallows it whole: "Lucky?" Morales: "Correction, formerly lucky." The word is apparently out that Dave is on to greatness and McManus will be left to wipe the floor with himself. Morales says he has a lot of money on the next game since it's such a "sure thing" that McManus will lose, now that superstar isn't playing. McManus: "Well, who says I'm without him?" They leave while Morales lets his face fall to the floor and break into a million pieces. As Tim and Murphy walk away, Murphy asks what that was all about. McManus says he couldn't let Morales have the satisfaction right away. As opposed to the satisfaction he'll get in just a while. Yeah, that makes a bucket of sense. We next see Morales making a deal in the gym to have Dave taken care of. Next, in Unit B, Dave thinks he's breaking up a fight and winds up getting his Achilles tendon slashed. I can't recap that in detail because I get the heebies from anything to do with that tendon or anything relating to the ankle and I'm currently squirming in my chair…ugh! The sound effect was gross. I can't watch it again. Dave wriggles and makes pain noises. He actually looks like he's being electrocuted. Infirmary. Gloria tells Tim that Dave just left in the ambulance, and that his tendon wasn't just (gulp) severed, a chunk of it was missing (ack!). He'll apparently be walking funny the rest of his life.

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