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Poet's dead society

Hill, reading a paper. "More and more these days, you pick up a paper and read that…" Snore.

Glynn's office. Governor Gremlin enters and says he's so sick of "hearing about death row." Sister Pete says calmly, "I see you've fully recovered." To which he replies, "And I can see how much that pleases you." Gremlin gets down to business. "I've has extensive talks with the attorney general and this is how it's laid out -- according to the law, Giles is within his rights, asking to be stoned to death." He continues bitching about the lawsuits that will surely follow and how it will drag all the way to the state supreme court and "God knows what those buttheads will decide." Pete snarks, "You appointed half of them." Gremlin arranges himself in a chair, which basically swallows his tiny frame. "Instead of plotting through that much, we've decided that you, Sister Peter Marie, declare Giles mentally incompetent." Gremlin thinks he's pretty smart at this point and says that, once declared insane, Giles will then be shipped off to the Connolly Institute. Pete says she won't do it. Grem asks why. She answers, "Because he is not." Grem looks to Glynn, rouses him from his peaceful slumber, and suggests that now would be a good time to "jump in." Leo folds to the task. "Peter Marie, this solution would make the problem go away." She snaps that the "problem" will go away when the death penalty does. She yells about all the mistakes the courts have made, sentencing innocent victims to death. Grem interrupts with, "If I want to debate this issue I'll go on Meet The Fucking Press!" Pete looks shocked. He tells her that she's not the only shrink in town, and if she won't say Giles is crazy…he'll get someone who will. Grem grabs his little coat and marches out of the office to get to a meeting with the Lollipop Guild.

Death row. Peter Marie walks up to Giles's cell and asks how he's doing. He's lonely for Moses. She tells him she knows how he feels. That, in trying to fight against the system, she feels powerless. Giles looks at her with a smile and raises a fist: "Noisemaker!" She laughs and says, "That's me, making noise and banging pots together, yet, nothing has changed." Giles gets to his feet, walks over to her, and says, "Us…pray…God." She looks back at him fondly and says, "Well, we do have that, don't we?" She touches his face and they pray. As we go to the common room, the television is tuned to the news, where we hear that the Supreme Court made its decision and the execution of Giles is "unconstitutional." Everyone cheers. Cut to a press conference, where Gremlin smarms that he needs to "re-examine" all aspects of the death penalty. Then we see Giles being led to solitary. Clayton tells him he thought he was halfway to dead. Giles calls back, "No, alive…alive!" until they open his new cell. We pan around the little room. He mumbles, "Alive?" He'll be really lonely now.

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