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Poet's dead society

Ryan walks up to Murphy and rasps that he needs to see Dr. Nathan because his throat hurts. Murphy knowingly says that Gloria isn't in that day. Ryan lapses back into his regular voice and says he wants to see Cyril in protective custody. Murphy says, "What a shock," and picks up the phone. Cut to Cyril in his cell, listening to his neighbor yap about why he didn't send support money for his kids and the wife is a bitch…blah blah blah deadbeat-cakes. Ryan sneaks around the corner to surprise Cyril, who reacts with glee when he sees his brother. They hug, and Cyril asks when he can come back to Em City. Ryan says soon, and he knows Cyril has to be lonely. Cyril says he's "not so lonely" and introduces Ryan to Stanton, the babbling neighbor, who then unwisely says, "You're Ryan, right? Cyril's told me all about you." Which wigs Ryan out. He asks Cyril what he's told Stanton. Ryan taps Cyril on the chest and tells him to not tell other people his business. Cyril says he doesn't, and that "Henry is nice." Stanton starts to interrupt again, and Ryan yells at him that they're trying to have a "private conversation." Stanton says to go ahead, and the scene ends with tension as Ryan sits down to continue the visit.

Kitchen. Claire walking up to Ryan, who is busy with his kitchen duties. She gives him a push. Startled, he asks what she wants. She mentions that she heard that they're "shipping Cyril away." She proposes that if he tells Cyril to participate in her booty call, she'll tell the warden not to ship him off. Ryan says, "No way." She insists that it's the only way. Ryan departs after telling her she's a sick bitch. He then delivers lunch to Alvin the chipmunk in Unit J. They greet each other, and Ryan performs his patented steering of the conversation to what he needs the other person to do. After hearing Al's comments on how he's alone now that John was killed and the other is in solitary, Ryan sits down and asks how Alvin would like to have "extra vittles." Yes, he would like that. The price? Make sure Claire has a little accident. Alvin says he's no killer. Ryan says he just wants her busted up. Enter Claire to make a bitchy remark to Ryan while shooting the stink-eye at Alvin. Basically, sealing the deal. We then see her taking Alvin to some stairs -- where to? Who knows? He trips her as they begin the descent, and she falls all the way down. Hard. He calls quietly for help until he's sure that she's hurt. Then he starts yelling for it.

We cut to Ryan's pod as Liam gives him the news that Claire busted her pelvis. Ouch. He sees Connelly walk by, and he and Liam both bitch about how Connelly acts superior to them. Ryan then asks Liam to check up on Cyril's neighbor. They bump fists, and Liam skips off. We then see Kirk and Burns trying, again, to beat up on Connelly. Ryan comes in to stop it. They both tell him to stay out of it. Ryan says he's "got God on his side," and in walks Dylan to break up the quarrel. Dylan tells Kirk to meet him in the library and that he'll talk to Burns later. He apologizes to Connelly, but gets dissed like everyone else as Connelly ignores his extended hand. As Connelly walks by Ryan, he says something I can't make out, but the gist is that he's grateful.

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