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Keller is woken up by the sound of Beecher crying. Keller asks what's wrong, and Beecher sobs that he's completely fucked up his life. He says he's all alone, but Keller hugs him from behind and says he's not. Then he slides his hand down and grabs Beecher's dick, which is hanging out of his boxers. Upon examination as close as my DVD player would allow, I think that was a prosthetic, but points for the idea, anyway. Beecher throws Keller off and tells him not to touch him. Yeah, I think you jumped the gun a little bit, Chris. But only a little.

Hill talks about husbands and wives. He's stuck his face in one of those cardboard stands with the faces cut out that you see at carnivals. The drawing is of a man and woman wearing costumes out of the Old West, and as he talks from the man's head, his face appears in the woman's head spot as well. His two heads talk about marriage being miserable, and make funny faces and call each other "bitch" and "motherfucker," and for the first time in a long time he's made me laugh instead of wanting to throttle him. That's called "catching lightning in a bottle."

Pete stares at something in the foreground as Mukada walks in asking for a lift, as his car broke down. She doesn't hear him at first, but when he gets her attention, she invites him in and asks for his help. She's written down the words that Giles keeps repeating to her on a chalkboard, and asks if he sees any pattern. Mukada eventually sounds out the words "sick" and "amore" as "sycamore," and Pete's face hardens into the look of Hey, Maybe This Plotline Is Finally Going Somewhere! She changes "broom" to "Broome," and soon she's telling Mukada that Sycamore and Broome is the corner where her husband was killed. If Mukada's silence is any indication, he's thinking the same thing I am, which is, "What the hell do you say to that?"

Cut to Pete in solitary. She orders a hack to let her into see Giles, and although he babbles something about restraints and Glynn's orders and he's about a foot and a half taller than Pete, as Bart Simpson would say, he folds faster than Superman on laundry day. She enters, and takes a couple of deep breaths before she can ask if Giles murdered her husband. "Is this confession by Morse Code?" Hee. He says no, and she asks what, then. He says, "Peter, Peter Marie," and she frustratedly tells him not to start that again. It's probably too much to take that as a shout-out too, huh? Through further questioning, Pete determines that Giles witnessed her husband's death, but when she asks who pushed him, Giles covers his head with a sweater. She pulls it off him, and his hair is hilariously flattened. She begs to know who pushed him, and he comes out with, "Abe." She presses him some more, and he finally freaks, shouting "ABE!" over and over again. Back to the drawing board, Pete.

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