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And, thanks to the Tesseract Television that Oz so often employs, we cut right to McManus entering the classroom and saying he has good news. Kirk looks at him and Coushaine and wonders, "You two are engaged?" It's time to buy that lottery ticket, because Timmy Kirk made me laugh. It's Coushaine's dumbfounded look that sells the moment, though. I hope we get a prisoner flashback for the guy at some point, because frankly, he's so strait-laced that I find it hard to believe he's ever even jaywalked, much less committed a felony. Anyway, McManus announces that Poet has been granted parole. Poet just stares with an expression that would be more fitting to bad news -- for example, that he HADN'T gotten parole. God. I'm sure it's very unenlightened of me not to be moved by muMs's poetry, but the fact is that Rick Fox is a better actor than he is, and I really can't abide all the time spent on his storyline. McManus says that the paperwork will take a couple of days, so he'll get out right after graduation, and Coushaine adds that that will be fitting, as he and McManus have chosen Poet to be the year's valedictorian. That annoyed me too, but we know that Poet could at least read and write before the class even started, so it makes a certain amount of sense. McManus says that Poet's good fortune should inspire them all, while Wangler looks on with whatever the male equivalent of "bitchface" is. McManus gives them all a little pumped fist that at least made me laugh in its ridiculousness, and then leaves as Poet tries for pensive, but really looks like muMs doesn't even realize the cameras have been rolling for the last minute and a half.

And it's the Pernicious Peewee! I didn't realize what a good character he is until I had to go a few episodes without him. In Glynn's office, the PP mutters to Glynn that McManus needs a little education himself, "in reality." McManus enters, and bitches to Glynn about the "sneak attack." God, shut it, you self-important git. Glynn informs him that "the state" has decided to eliminate the GED program from the next year's budget. McManus says the PP can't do that, but the PP gives the "watch me, candy-ass" answer that they need more hacks, and the budget can't handle both. He says that he'll be making a formal announcement on the fifteenth, and that the news is classified until then. McManus whines that that's three days after graduation, and the PP duhs that he planned it that way, so as not to ruin the ceremony. McManus continues in that stroppy tone that I wouldn't take with my mother, let alone my boss, demanding to know if the PP is coming to the graduation. The PP smiles and mock-sighs, "Unfortunately, yes. The wages of spin." Hee! He leaves. Pernicious Peewee, you are my anti-McManus, and a higher compliment I cannot bestow. McManus looks at Glynn, who's all, "I'm the most incompetent warden in history. Why would you even think of dragging me into this?"

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