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McManus goes to see Schillinger in Gen Pop. Schillinger, playing pool, snarks, "What brings you down to the low-rent district?" Hee. And I get another snicker from realizing that that's the same pool table Schillinger will be using to sink his, er, "cue" into Petey Schibetta's, uh, "pocket." McManus says that just because he's not in Em City anymore doesn't mean he doesn't care about him. Unlike so many other people on this show, Schillinger actually does laugh in his face, which just gives me another reason to love him. He goes on, "McManus, I had to listen to your sanctimonious crap when I lived in Em City, but I don't have to now." And that's a shout-out if I've ever heard one. McManus admits he doesn't care about him, and Schillinger loudly notes, "Honesty!" for his hangers-on. In a lower voice, McManus says he wants to talk to him about his accusation that Diane shot Scott Ross. I don't know why he's dredging this up again. Really. Schillinger says he saw it happen, and McManus presses him for details. Schillinger scoffs that McManus just wants to protect her, and that they'll just bury the truth. McManus: "Not this time." Schillinger actually believes him. Uch.

Cut to Diane at the control panel. McManus happens by, and Diane stops him. She says that since her mother is in the hospital, her daughter is staying with a friend nearby, and since he had asked to meet her (another nod to continuity), she thought she could take the three of them to dinner that night. It's also worth noting for later that she says she's told her daughter a lot about him. Anyway, he unenthusiastically accepts. The sentence "You can do better, Diane" graciously accepts its award at the Understatement Of The Year competition.

Staff lounge. Officer Heim, last seen in "The Tip," bangs on a soda machine that just ate his money. He repeatedly bangs on an image of a little girl sipping a soda. Hee. It's probably giving the show too much credit to call this a subtle reminder of the SORT guys' reputation for violence, but this is an A+ episode, so why the hell not? Although Heim is wearing a regular hack's uniform here. McManus enters, and we learn that these two are friends when McManus says he can't make it to their poker night. Heim laughs when he hears about McManus's plans, saying that he and Diane are "on again, off again." Don't remind me of the scene when they were "on," Heim. McManus says they're definitely off. Heim asks why, and when McManus isn't forthcoming, says, "Timmy boy, you have got to be the most transparent man on God's green earth." And the shout-outs keep on coming. Heim says that McManus has pulled away from Diane ever since Case investigated the riot. McManus admits that he thinks Diane killed Ross, although he's only got Schillinger's word, because when he asked Diane about it, she lied. Heim asks how he knows. McManus: "You sleep with someone, you know." I think we all know that's not true, but following his logic, I guess it's fair to conclude that these two have never slept together, because Heim is lying his ass off about what he knows. Anyway, McManus leaves, and Heim goes to the phone and calls Diane.

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