God's Chillin'

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Depression On A DVD, Part One

Hill tells us, in way too upbeat a manner, that God created man, and He's been sucking the life out of us ever since. Let me grab my dancing shoes -- I can just tell this episode's going to be a party!

Mukada recites a prayer at a service for the most recently departed Oz inmate as Courtney Love croons, "Found pieces of Johnny Post's baaahhhhdy." Well, it would have been appropriate. We close in on a picture of the Late Demented sitting on the hood of a Jeep and holding a gun. Just like the one his mom has on her mantel. A trio of inmates sings a gospel hymn as several others pay their respects to the photo. The hymn continues as we cut to Glynn's office. The warden is telling his staff that they've had "three murders in two weeks." Er, what? If I were watching this for the first time, I'd conclude that Keane Light had swished on to The Great Big Bathhouse In The Sky, but since I know that's not the case, what am I missing here? Glynn says he's got the press shoved up his ass, which might be even more uncomfortable than a spoon. He goes on, "The Governor's threatening to send in the Feds. And my daughter wants to move into an apartment with her boyfriend. Can somebody help me out here?" Dude, I don't even know where to start. Cut back to the prisoners filing past Post's picture. We get a long look at Markstram. McManus says that the next move is Keane's, since Post was one of his men, but opines that he's noticed a change in Keane, and maybe he won't seek revenge. "Maybe it's 'cause he got married. Or maybe he's just tired of the gangsta way of life." Cut to Keane, standing for a good long time in front of Post's picture.

Keane sits on the floor as a transvestite braids his hair. Hee. Pajama party in Keane's pod! Although who is this person? A friend of his brother's? Anyway, Adebisi and Markstram are present, and Adebisi thinks they should kill the "Wops" before Oz is locked down. Keane says to chill. Adebisi and Markstram wonder what's been up with him the past few days, and Adebisi points out that they also need to know who ratted Post out to the Italians. Keane tells them he knows who squealed, but he's not saying, as he's going to kill him himself. Stretch out those legs, O Lord Of The Dance. Adebisi leaves, and Markstram tells Keane to watch his back in case the Wise Guys find out he ordered the hit on Ortolani. Dude, I think they've got a damn fine idea now. Has everyone forgotten about Keane Light already?

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