God's Chillin'

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Depression On A DVD, Part One

Hill tells us that we try to figure out God's plan, but it's hard. He says we have to give up what matters most. "Anything less, he's not interested." Alvarez smokes a cigarette in his boxers. If you're gonna wear that, can you pass me one of those, Migs? He goes to the mirror and regards his reflection. Cut to Mukada performing the Eucharist. Alvarez holds out his left hand, and, without flinching, stabs himself to produce a stigma. He looks skyward. Mukada continues the service. Alvarez takes the bloody knife and slides the blade down his right cheek. Mukada gives out wafers, intoning, "The body of Christ." When it's his turn, Groves says, "Amen," but opens his mouth instead of taking it in his hand. After a pause, Mukada gives it to him, and Groves winks at him. Hee.

In the glass cage, Hill tells us that God is the ultimate gangsta. Below him, we can see several prisoners dressed as altar boys, including Groves and Ryan. "He's got the whole world by the balls."

McManus looks in on Keane, who's praying. He stomps off impotently. At least I can take some solace there -- that's food for my soul.

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