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Depression On A DVD, Part One

Wangler snorts some powder and commiserates with Keane with Markstram present. Said busts in all aglower and berates Keane for allowing Wangler to use drugs. Keane tells Wangler to go, and he and Markstram leave. Said tells Keane he's done with him, but Keane calls him back. He flashes through all the horrors he's seen, including a full-frontal shot of Mavis that I don't believe was included in the previous episode, and says he does fear hell, and begs for Said to save him. Said embraces him, and Keane breaks down in tears, which is a nice touch given Ryan's earlier speech. Said looks like he's going to cry himself as he places his Muslim cap on Keane's head.

Keane Light finds Keane in the kitchen. Keane only reluctantly gives him a hug, and Keane Light asks what's wrong. Keane tells him that he's changed, and that if Keane Light won't "stop being a fag," he can't be his brother anymore. Keane Light leaves in tears. Aw. Said appears and chides Keane. They take a walk, and Said explains that while Islam rejects homosexuality, he can only change Keane Light through love. I don't think Keane Light's orientation would change if the world got together and bought him a Coke, but have at it, Said. Keane says it's hard, as he's been using his fists to settle things all his life, but Said exhorts him to find strength through Allah. Keane says he feels remorse for all the bad he's done in his life, and that he's experiencing the need to apologize to everyone he's wronged. I'd like to see that conversation with the couple he killed. "Uh, I'm really sorry I ruined your nice clothes. I'm totally good for the dry cleaning bill, and these headstones as well!" Said goes on that he should make his enemies his friends, but Keane astutely asks what he should do about his friends. Said concedes that Keane's newfound faith will be a threat to them, and he's "gonna have to love them all the more." I hate to keep making Adebisi jokes, but...

Wangler snorts something that looks suspiciously like poppers. So that's how it is. Keane enters, and announces that his name is now "Tizi Ouzou." Is this some sort of hazing thing? Because if I got stuck with Tizi Ouzou while my leader had a cool name like Kareem Said, I might be a little pissed off, I have to admit. Keane tries to sell his new message of love, which goes over about as well as Drew Carey trying to break the world record for pole-vaulting. Adebisi asks if he's still a brother. Keane, gesturing around him: "Like this? Doin' this? No." Adebisi kicks him out, and looks wicked pissed.

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