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Franklin approaches Adam to apologize for letting the Aryans rape him. Uh, okay, Franklin, since it was all on your say-so. Whatever gets you through the day, girl. They look like they should be wearing poodle skirts and discussing prom. Adam, all perky like Mary Lou Retton with dainty hair clippies, concurs that Oz will indeed fuck with one's head. Franklin claims that they've got to stick together to survive as Pepa shows up and tells Adam that Pete's just granted him an audience. As Adam heads for the convent, Schillinger warns him not to discuss his intimate details with Pete, and to clean off that fucking make-up because you are not leaving this house looking like a floozy.

Adam, freshly-scrubbed, stands in front of Pete and refuses to crack. She tries another route, asking about his relationship with Beecher. Ain't got one, he says. When she explains that Beecher suggested this meeting and cares deeply about him, Adam calls him a "lying cocksucker." That's rather apt, actually. Pete wants to know why Adam thinks Beecher's a liar, but Adam tells her to ask the liar, which is probably not a good idea, since a liar lies, which must drive Sister Nosy mad.

She takes her vexation to the next interaction with Beecher, Schillinger, and Said, and tries to get them to talk about Adam. Might they know anything about why he's changed so much since his first days at Oz so very long ago? Nope, says Beecher. Nada, says Schillinger. Negatory, says Said. Pete, now at her wits' end from being kept out of the inner circle, warns that she's not gonna let this one go -- she'll prod and poke Adam until he gives her all the romantic details, so that she can write them down and send them to Inches -- before huffing that she's "sick of sitting in the same room with you" and storming from the room. I'll give that one two snaps and a rosary, girlfriend.

Back in Unit B, Schillinger opines that Adam's becoming dangerous. He and his new sidekick summon Adam and tell him they'll help him escape. Then McManus marches up to Beecher and announces that Adam's dead. Oh, that's lame to an epic degree. Seems he got electrocuted during an escape attempt. So I guess Schillinger wasn't really going to help Adam escape. Silly me. Beecher looks stricken, and then he looks at Said, who looks accusing, and then we do see Adam, still hanging limp on the fence. Then Schillinger's new sidekick (oh, crap, it's the bad actor from the Ahmad-slashing episode) does an imitation of Adam hanging from the fence, to scattered laughs and low-key merriment. Franklin looks dazed as Pete closes Adam's psychiatric folder, a resigned look on her face as she perhaps contemplates how her prying has led to yet another senseless (and annoying, and off-camera) death.

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