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No such luck. In his cell that night, Rebadow apologizes to Alex for the tacky photograph of him he's got next to the sink, and sits down on his bed, where his suddenly skyward eyes signify another urgent message from heaven. This message, he tells Pete the next day, is that faith is the missing element in Alex's healing. He wants a faith healer who can lay some hands on Alex and flush out the leukemia, like it's a particularly difficult hair clog or something. Pete expresses her opinion that faith healers are conniving shysters but that a nice interaction might cure the boy, but Rebadow gives her a sanctimonious speech about faith versus religion and exclusion and belonging and why he's right and she's stupid. "I don't want to belong," says Rebadow, "I just want to believe," and the world groans in pain. Then Rebadow claims that he's "an arrow in God's bow," and leaves Pete looking confused by this overblown twerp who looks like some nice guy by the name of Rebadow that she once knew.

Ben Vereen, a.k.a. The Stock Black Guy Who Speaks Vaguely And Spooks Whitey Before Revealing Deeper Spiritual Wisdom, clues Rebadow into an x-ray-vision-enabled healer named Virginia who helped him deal with a spinal problem and who can do really amazing things with her hands. ["Anyone else think it's a weird coincidence that one of Vereen's most famous roles is Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar? Okay, it's just me. Carry on." -- Sars]

While Ben Vereen and Rebadow may be open to faith healing, The White Woman In The Visiting Area seems relatively shuttered to the option. I'm guessing she's Rebadow's daughter; there's no doubting the fact that she's opposed. She doesn't want to give the kid hope, but Rebadow's adamant -- and patronizing. So adamant that he gets up and starts cussing his daughter out and railing against the modern disrespect for faith healers. He actually says, "Bull fucking shit," and then says that he'll find someone else to visit Regina -- oh, I guess that's the faith healer's name, but The White Woman Who's Probably His Daughter says that no one in the family will go for his latest wacky scheme. As she gets up to leave, she says, "You know what I see, I see a man trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his family, making a last-ditch effort after decades of absence. See, sometimes I have x-ray vision too." Damn. She's giving McManus a run for his rejoinder money. Back in his cell, Rebadow excoriates the Lord for being a tease, gets up, places his middle finger over the mouth of Little Alex, and tells his reflection to be healed.

Flashback to the Fatima Fire news story and the announcement of Mukada's defection to Benchley Memorial. Leo's telling Big Clarence that he's headed to solitary, where the blowjobs will be few and far between. To avoid solitary, Clarence offers intelligence about the origin of the burn order, and Leo apparently agrees to negotiate, as he's listening to Kirk plead innocence in the very next scene. Leo points out that Kirk calls lots of people liars, as Kirk grows increasingly smug because Leo has no hard evidence. Then Leo switches into Intimidating Cop mode and reminds Kirk that Mukada is a good friend of his, that he was besting prisoners when Kirk was nothing but a zygote, and that he'll get him sooner or later. Leo stomps out, leaving Kirk looking a bit shaken.

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