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With the bestest of intentions, John and Jane Doe raise the chalk-white fruit of their loins to appreciate and respect the differences of other people and other cultures, as long as they're not retarded. But, wonders Hill, flanked by mannequins sporting a panoply of authentic ethnic costumes and sounding like one of the questions in those ethical parlor games, might this emphasis on difference actually promote separatism and a lack of consciousness about the things we all have in common? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Robson, in his cell, at first apparently sucking a drink through a straw but then actually spitting blood into a cup, which grosses me out even more then the various shit masques of late. Schillinger walks in, Franklin and Adam (now dolled up with lipstick and a bouffant -- I am so loving this) in tow, and inquires about Robson's welfare. The drugged-out stupor is bad enough, says Vern, but now I'm all worried about my gums. Yeah, and the constant dribble of blood is just a wee bit disgusting. Robson tells the prags to skedaddle and then expresses his own concerns to Schillinger -- those gums could have come from anyone, he says, as Vern casts an alarmed glance toward the Nubians in the common area, and he's been worried ever since Feradj began taunting him during the surgery. As Robson gets agitated, he shows more and more of his nausea-inducing gums, which look like they've been stained with a particularly virulent strain of Kool-Aid. Vern wants to know if the gums are at least the right color -- not, hopefully, the indigo gums found throughout Asia, or the green ones in Australia -- and asks if Robson's been to see Dr. Feradj to clear things up, since he was so helpful before. See what happens when you tease a dentist? Then Robson asks Vern not to tell anyone about his dental dilemma; Vern flaps his arms like a turkey and stalks out of the room. Robson stands and looks in the mirror, a trickle of blood inching down the middle of his swollen chin.

Now Vern's chatting with a brotherhood leader on the windowphone. Big Brother's cranky, because he drove all the way to Oz for an issue that he's quickly discovering could have been dealt with over the non-face-to-face kind of phone. After verifying that Vern's fishing for specifics about how Robson's new gums might affect his status with the Bitter Whiteys, Big Brother challenges Vern to answer his own questions about purity and reveals that he never liked Robson, believing as he does that Robson joined the select group of the enlightened brethren "more out of identity crisis than true faith." Oh, who wants to quibble about reasons -- just join the Aryans today. It's the right thing to do. Big Brother expresses concern over Vern's potentially wavering convictions, makes some ominous and loaded comment about Robson and Schillinger's closeness, and exhorts him to recall that "a little Levin leavens the whole loaf." So, wait -- Robson's gums are Jewish?

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