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Once, Twice, Three Times As Shady

We fade up on a rotating skull, which morphs into the head of "Ajustice" Hill. The prologue in question would be the debate on whether criminal minds are predestined or simply an effect of environment. Thus segueing to...

...prisoner number zero zero G one one five, Detective Bruno Gergan. The flashback to his crime shows us what a bad cop he is, or was. Cut to the interior of Emerald City. Bruno is being led through and passes Mobay and Poet as they pass drugs between them. We notice a look of recognition on Mobay's face, which turns to a look of "oh shit." Bruno returns the look as he passes. Poet asks Mobay if he knows him, to which Mobay all too casually replies, "Naaah, he's just so fucking ugly." Cut to the interior of Mobay's pod. Bruno is gleefully saying how he saw Mobay and wondered "what the hell Johnny Basil is doing in Oz!" Mobay asks him if he plans on blowing his cover by leaking to the inmates that he's a cop. Bruno says one hand washes the other, my brother in blue. Bruno doesn't want the others knowing he's a cop either, lest they introduce his neck to Mr. Icepick. Mobay tells him he remembers Bruno from when they were cops and what a bully Bruno was, strong-arming people when there was no need. Bruno evilly asks him if that means he wants Bruno to tell everyone who he is, and we see Hill wheel himself into the pod. Mobay lapses into accent and says he will help him any way he can. Bruno, satisfied, leaves.

We go to Sister Pete with Bruno in her office: "Normally, when a cop comes into Oz, I give them special counseling." Bruno regards her in all his cocky glory and asks why he would need extra help. Sister explains how going from a position of authority to being in a position of, well, basically nothing can be potentially upsetting. Bruno pooh-poohs her concern and denies needing any "special" attention. He gets up to leave and turns to say, "You know, my wife was a nun for years." Really? Sister asks, as the room fills with the unmistakable creaking sound of un-oiled hinges on the huge trap door opening underneath her. Bruno: "Yeah -- she fucks like a $500 whore. Must've been all those years of pent-up chastity." Actually, Bluto, I think you mean pent-up sexual frustration. You see, chastity was what she practiced, so it couldn't very well be "pent up," could it?

Cut to the gym, where Mobay seems to be lifting weights and Bruno is running on the treadmill. He's approached by two of Adebesi's disciples, who proceed to engage our fearless gorilla into a battle of racial slurs and end up beating his ass against the chain link fence. Later, we see Mobay shaving in the bathroom, and while I furrow my brow in confusion as to why he's allowed to have a razor in prison, Bruno points to his blackened eye and says, "How is THIS you watching my back? You should have pulled those apes off of me." Mobay and I both say "Those apes?" Bruno tells him that next time he's going to blow the proverbial lid off of Mobay's cover.

Cut to Mobay with Adebesi, Pancamo and Morales who are giving him a gentle reminder that in order to join them in their quest for the holy jail, he has to "do the deed," i.e. kill someone. He must make it look like an accident and do it far away from Em City. Cut to Mobay and Hill, lying on their beds. Mobay asks Hill if he will help him join Adebesi and the gang by helping him kill someone. Hill says, "I ain't helping you kill anybody. The coke is rotting your brain." Uh, drugs are bad, mmmkay? As the sun rises over a new day in Em City, we find Mobay and Bruno in the laundry room. Mobay tells Bruno that Hill knows he's a cop. Bruno is appropriately bummed at the news. Mobay then tells him convincingly that Hill wants to meet, and how 'bout they tip Hill's chair, with him in it, down an elevator shaft? Cut to said elevator shaft and the dynamic duo waiting for Hill to arrive. Mobay busies himself readying the elevator while Bruno laments about how working the streets as a cop wasn't so bad compared to prison. Hill wheels into the room, asking Mobay crankily why he wanted to see him. Bruno grabs the chair and starts to wheel him towards the open elevator shaft. Hill immediately gets frightened, looking helpless as he grabs anything he can to keep Bruno from pushing him over. Mobay says, "No, let me." And turns Hill around so Bruno is behind the chair but in front of the shaft, then shoves Bruno down. Smell ya later, detective!

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